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The car smells you should never ignore


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Toyota of Orlando has some tips and trips on what scents to look out for and what they mean.

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The car smells you should never ignore

  1. 1. The car smells you should never ignore If you’ve ever slid into your vehicle and turned on your car engine only to smell something that reeks, chances are your Toyota of Orlando vehicle needs to be looked at. Aside from that leftover sandwich you forgot in the back seat or the coffee you spilled on your vehicle’s carpet yesterday, this specific scent just spells trouble. Our Orlando Toyota dealership has a list of some car scents you should never ignore and why. How to identify your car smells and what they mean #1: Rotten eggs. If you’re beginning to smell rotten eggs in your vehicle when you start it, it usually means there are traces of sulfur in your car’s gasoline which can cause hydrogen sulfide in your exhaust. While you might be quick to grab the air freshener to mask the scent, you shouldn’t ignore this particular car smell because it can reflect a problem with your fuel injection system or catalytic converter. If this happens, take your vehicle to see one of our Orlando Toyota service techs. #2: Strong gasoline. It’s very common to smell gasoline in your car if you’re parked at a gas station, but if you’ve just started your car at home or haven’t been to the station in a while, you might have an issue. The smell of gasoline may indicate that there is a leak from a fuel injection line. This can be
  2. 2. dangerous because your vehicle is leaking a flammable liquid. Bring up his car smell to your Toyota of Orlando tech as soon as possible. #3: Burning carpet or fabric. If your car smells like there’s something earthy burning, it means your brake pads are overheated and worn out. Make sure your handbrake or foot parking brake isn’t engaged. This car smell could indicate an issue with the brake caliper piston and should be looked at by an auto tech immediately. #4: A smelly gym locker room. If your Orlando Toyota vehicle is beginning to stink like a sweaty locker room, it’s most likely because your car has mildew or mold inside the air conditioning system from excessive moisture. While this car smell isn’t particularly hazardous to your vehicle, it’s definitely a nuisance to your nostrils. Our auto service techs can help you dry out your system and change your air cabin filter. #5: Maple syrup. If you can’t remember eating a stack of pancakes in your vehicle, chances are you’re having an ethylene glycol leak (or coolant leak). This may be in part due to a hose leak or leak in the radiator. Either way, your car is losing fluids that help it keep cool and from overheating. #6: Hot oil. If your car smells like hot oil, then there is most likely an oil leak in the front bay of the car. This usually happens because there is a leaky valve or seal. While this issue requires an expert’s mind, our Toyota of Orlando service techs are more than happy to get your car back on its wheels.
  3. 3. Toyota of Orlando is here to help! Are you ready to schedule an appointment with our Orlando auto service? Call us today at (407) 298-0001. We have the longest service hours in Central Florida and we are happy to get your Orlando Toyota vehicle the help it needs to run smoothly.