Take a look back at the Orlando Toyota Celica!


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Toyota of Orlando is looking back at the history of the iconic Toyota Celica - see how this sports car changed the world and take a look at our used cars in Orlando when you stop by the dealership!

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Take a look back at the Orlando Toyota Celica!

  1. 1. Toyota of Orlando remembers the Toyota Celica! If you’re a fan of sports cars you probably remember the Toyota Celica! This Orlando Toyota is no longer around; however, it left a lasting impression in the minds of many drivers and paved the way for sports cars to come, including the Orlando Scion tC! The Scion tC was actually inspired from this new Toyota and was the vehicle that took its place when the Toyota Celica made its exit in 2004. Our Toyota dealership in Orlando wants to take a look back at this new Toyota and remember it through its long and successful history! Toyota dealership goes back in time with the history of the Toyota Celica The Orlando Toyota Celica is definitely a sports car to remember, as this vehicle was a member of the Toyota lineup for many years. This new Toyota in Orlando wasn’t just any vehicle, it was designed to give drivers style and excitement! It was also extremely popular, as it was around for more than 30 years! Here’s a look back at the history of this Orlando Toyota from beginning to end. · · · · 1970 – The Toyota Celica was revealed at the Tokyo Auto Show as an affordable sports car. 1971 – This new Toyota was released to the American market. It made its debut with high-performance and sporty features such as hood vents and rally strips! 1974 – The lineup of this Toyota was expanded to include the GT model. This model included a larger 2.0-liter engine and a 5-speed transmission! 1976 - This new Toyota was introduced in a lift-back model. This was also the year it won Toyota’s first “Import Car of the Year” award from Motor Trend!
  2. 2. · · · · · · 1982 – The third generation was introduced with the Celica GT-S. This new Toyota offered incredible performance, similar to the Toyota Supra, yet still maintained its affordability and fuel efficiency. 1985 – A convertible model of this vehicle was released, making it the first drop-top to enter the Toyota lineup! 1988 – The Celica All-Trac was brought into the picture. The engine in this sports car could produce 190 horsepower, which made it the most powerful engine built by Toyota at the time! 1998 – The Genesis group was made available, which was produced to appeal to a more youthful audience. 2000 – This sports car celebrated its 30th anniversary with a special edition model. This was a huge milestone for this Toyota! 2004 – Toyota announced the 2005 model year would be the last for the Toyota Celica. After this, production ceased for this sports car. Find a new sports car at our Toyota dealership in Orlando Unfortunately, the Toyota Celica is no longer available at our Toyota dealership, except when used models arrive from time to time. However, you can find some great alternatives such as the aforementioned Scion tC. This new Scion offers amazing performance and sporty style to give you the excitement you want! Visit Toyota of Orlando today to take a look at the Scion tC and our other options! We’re located at 3575 Vineland Rd. near the Mall at Millenia. Google