Orlando Toyota Tacoma takes on the 2014 Honda Ridgeline


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The Orlando Toyota Tacoma takes on the Honda Ridgeline in this battle of the trucks! Find out why the new Toyota truck comes out on top!

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Orlando Toyota Tacoma takes on the 2014 Honda Ridgeline

  1. 1. Orlando Toyota Tacoma takes on the Honda Ridgeline!
  2. 2. Trucks are one of the most versatile vehicles out on the market. They can fulfill the most basic operations to needs that are a little bit more complicated, like towing and hauling heavy objects. While we recognize that there are tons of options out there for you to choose from, we want to help you make the best decision when it comes to buying a new truck! The Toyota Tacoma in Orlando is quite the performer but its features make it a sensible choice, which makes it easy to use every day. Find out how this versatile Toyota fares against one of its competitors, the Honda Ridgeline!
  3. 3. Toyota Tacoma in Orlando performs like a champion When you get a new Toyota in Orlando, you’re sure to be getting one of the most valuable vehicles out on the market. They are known for being incredibly reliable in areas such as fuel efficiency and technology. This truck is no different! Check out what we mean!  Trucks are usually not thought to be fuel-efficient, but you can kiss that misconception goodbye. The Orlando Toyota Tacoma is actually one of the more fuel-efficient trucks out there. This Toyota truck gets 19 mpg combined, while its Honda competitor offers a lower mpg rating with 17 mpg combined.  This Toyota truck offers a bigger engine than the Honda Ridgeline. The Toyota Tacoma has a 4.0L V6 engine, while its competitor offers something smaller—a 3.5L V6 engine.  This burly Toyota trucks also beats the Honda Ridgeline when it comes to torque power. This award-winning Toyota trucks gets 266 lb.-ft., while its competitor trails with only 247 lb.-ft. of torque!  One perk that comes with owning this Toyota truck is that it’s much easier to handle than its competitor. A smaller curb-to-curb turning circle (40.6 feet vs 42.6 feet) makes this truck easier to operate! 2014 Toyota Tacoma is a winner without a hefty price tag! This new Toyota truck steps into the ring and comes out swinging from the beginning! You want to make sure you’re not breaking the bank when you buy a new Toyota truck in Orlando, and this class-defining truck will help you stay in the black!  The 2014 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab V6 has a starting MSRP of $24,470, which is on the lower end when it comes to new truck prices. In comparison, the Honda Ridgeline RT has a starting MSRP of
  4. 4. $30,405. That’s a $6,000 difference! Just imagine what you can buy with all the money you save when you choose this class-leading Toyota!  Should you choose to buy a lower trim level of this new Toyota, you can drop the starting MSRP to just a bit over $18,000. The Honda Ridgeline doesn’t go any lower than $30,000, which means you can potentially save up to $12,000! Come on down to our Toyota dealership to check out this monster of a truck with your own eyes! We’re located at 3575 Vineland Road, which is off I-4 by the Millenia Mall. We look forward to seeing you! Google