New Toyota sports car is inspired by previous Orlando Toyota


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Have you heard about the new Toyota FT-1 concept car? This exciting vehicle has been recently been revealed, and we're excited about the idea of a new Toyota sports car arriving at Toyota of Orlando!

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New Toyota sports car is inspired by previous Orlando Toyota

  1. 1. New Toyota sports car is inspired by previous Orlando Toyota!
  2. 2. Would you drive a Toyota sports car? If you’re answering, “Yes,” to this question, you’re not the only one! Toyota is known for producing some pretty amazing sports cars, even if a two-door car hasn’t had the Toyota brand on it for a while. There’s actually quite the long list of sports cars Toyota (and Lexus) have made in the past. One legendary sports cars Toyota has previously made that drivers still recognize today is the Toyota Celica! 1978 Toyota Celica The list of popular two-door coupes Toyota makes doesn’t end there, though. It’s no secret that Toyota is always working to try and provide drivers with more versatile and stylish options to choose from. Some other sporty cars drivers might have heard of are the Toyota Supra and another all-new concept called the Toyota FT-HS!
  3. 3. Toyota Supra Toyota FT-HS concept car
  4. 4. Toyota of Orlando eagerly waits for the Toyota FT-1! Each of these two-door coupes clearly have a lot of style to offer. Our only hope is that it won’t be long before another new Toyota sports car becomes available to drivers at Toyota of Orlando! In fact, if you look closely at the new Toyota FT-1 that was just recently revealed at the 2014 North American International Auto Show, then you might see some similarities between this sports car concept and the two-door coupes Toyota has made in the past! Toyota FT-1 comes with eye-catching new features! Right now this new Toyota is a concept car, which means it’s a sneak peek of what could come to our Orlando Toyota dealership in the future! The Orlando Toyota Corolla is an example of this works. Some drivers might remember when the Toyota Corolla Furia concept car was revealed. If you look at this concept car and compare it with the 2014 Toyota Corolla in Orlando today, then you’ll see that there are many similarities. However, the current Toyota Corolla doesn’t look exactly like the concept car that was part of the inspiration behind it.
  5. 5. This means the features that are currently in the new Toyota FT-1 might be eyecatching and exciting; however, every part may not be included if this concept car is ever mass produced. That doesn’t mean we can’t get excited about what it’s currently showing off, though! Designed with the history and lineage of the Toyota Supra and Toyota 2000GT in mind, this Toyota sports car has some pretty incredible options to offer right now!    Style: The idea of this new Toyota is for it to look like the wind has shaped it. It’s important to make sure its incredible style doesn’t compromise the driving experience, though! Driving Experience: Just like the Orlando Scion FR-S comes with a special frontmounted flat boxer engine to help create a more engaging experience behind the wheel, the Toyota FT-1 has a few special features as well. For instance, a retractable wing in the rear gives drivers the option of getting the most aerodynamic efficiency as possible! Interior: The inside of this new Toyota is also something an attention-getter. Its design mimics that of a cockpit, and the steering wheel is equipped with some of the latest technology to let drivers know important information about their drive time, speed, driving mode and more! We’re pretty excited to see if this sports car will ever arrive at our Orlando Toyota dealership. In the meantime, there are still plenty of vehicles that come with sporty options, and more than one new Scion in Orlando boasts the two-door coupe design! Want to know more? Give us a call at (888) 725-3520! Google