New Toyota in Orlando come with multiple safety features!


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Your new Toyota in Orlando comes with more than the Toyota Star Safety System. Find out what other high-tech safety innovations it has for you to enjoy right here!

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New Toyota in Orlando come with multiple safety features!

  1. 1. New Toyota in Orlando come with multiple safety features! It’s pretty common knowledge at this point that every new Toyota in Orlando comes with a specialized safety system. The Toyota Star Safety System features incredible innovations and mechanisms that work with safe driving practices and habits to help keep everyone secure at all times while they’re on the road. Six main components make up this safety system, and they include:  Vehicle Stability Control  Traction Control  Anti-Lock Brake System  Electronic Brake-Force Distribution  Brake Assist  Smart Stop Technology All of these different features work together to help drivers enjoy peace of mind while they’re on the road, as well as help everyone safely arrive at their destination! However, this unique safety system isn’t the only high-tech feature that can be found in a new Toyota when it comes to keeping occupants safe and secure. A variety of other mechanisms are also available for drivers and passengers to make the most of! Explore the latest safety technology in Orlando Toyota!
  2. 2. Toyota of Orlando has many different vehicles available for drivers to choose from. However, each car is made to meet a variety of needs and preferences. For example, the driving experience the 2013 Scion FR-S provides will understandably be a little bit different than what the 2013 Toyota FJ Cruisers delivers. One safety component that can be found in some new Toyota is called the Safety Connect System. This system offers drivers various types of help and assistance by merely pushing a button! The different types of services offered are:  Emergency Assistance  Stolen Vehicle Locator  Roadside Assistance  Automatic Collision Notification By pushing the designated button, drivers or those who are in the vehicle can get the help and service that’s needed quickly and efficiently! The Safety Connect System delivers practically unprecedented peace of mind and reassurance as travelers never need to worry about what they would do if the worse should ever happen. The Safety Connect System is designed and set up to assist them! High-tech features offer extra help on the road! Of course, you don’t have to have access to the Safety Connect System in order to have some extra help when you’re behind the wheel. Many new Toyota in Orlando, such as the 2013 Toyota RAV4, automatically come with additional safety features. Every trim-level of this SUV has a backup camera installed in it so that drivers can get an extra view of what’s taking place behind them before they begin to reverse. Drivers of the 2013 Toyota Tundra also probably appreciate the Trailer-Sway Control function, which helps them maintain control of their vehicle and whatever it is they are towing behind them! New Toyota in Orlando feature different safety mechanisms that are tailored to the vehicle and the different functions it performs. Regardless of which new car captures your attention, you can be confident that more than one system and feature is working hard to keep you and your occupants secure at all times! Want to learn more about the
  3. 3. different safety features that you can find in one of these vehicles? Give our Internet Sales Team a call at (888) 725-3520! Google