Make the right decision between the Toyota RAV4 and the Ford Escape


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Should you drive the Orlando Toyota RAV4 or the Ford Escape? Find out with this comparison from Toyota of Orlando! We'll help you make the right choice between these two compact SUVs!

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Make the right decision between the Toyota RAV4 and the Ford Escape

  1. 1. When looking for a compact SUV, the market is full of options. However, only one pioneered this segment – the Toyota RAV4! That’s right; this new Toyota was the first compact SUV to enter the market, paving a path for compact SUVs to come. Now, the Orlando Toyota RAV4 is a fan-favorite, which makes it a great option for your new ride. However, if you’re wondering how it compares to others in its segment we can help! We’re comparing it with one of its closest competitors, the Ford Escape. Which vehicle should you choose? Find out!
  2. 2. One of the perks of buying a compact SUV instead of a full size is the affordable price tag and savings you get from the great fuel efficiency! We compared two similar models, the Toyota RAV4 XLE and the Ford Escape SE. When you look at the price of these vehicles side-by-side, you’ll notice a pretty significant difference! The 2014 Toyota RAV4 XLE has a starting MSRP of just $25,000, while the Ford Escape kicks off at $25,250. This is a couple hundred dollars more you have to pay for a vehicle that has less to offer! You can also save money with the great fuel efficiency this new Toyota has to offer. It gets an estimated 26 combined mpg, compared to its Ford competitor, which only gets an estimated 25 combined mpg. This may seem like a small difference, but every bit counts when it comes to saving money on gas! Along with all of the savings the Orlando Toyota RAV4 has to offer, it beats the Ford Escape in a number of other categories. This includes its standard features, performance and space!
  3. 3.  Like we said, it doesn’t make sense to pay even a dollar more for the Ford Escape when the Toyota RAV4 in Orlando has so much more to offer! This new Toyota comes with standard features you would have to pay extra for in the Ford option. Some of these standard features include an integrated backup camera and a power moonroof!  Performance is definitely not an issue when it comes to this new Toyota in Orlando, either! It offers more power than its Ford competitor to take on the roads with ease. You’ll get 176 horsepower from the engine of the Toyota RAV4, while the engine of the Ford Escape can only produces 173 horsepower.  Just because you want a compact SUV doesn’t mean you can’t get the space you want inside. You’ll find plenty of room for your passengers in this new Toyota in Orlando. It offers 73.4 cu. ft. behind the first row and 38.4 cu. ft. behind the second row versus the Ford Escape, which only provides 67.8 cu. ft. behind the first row and 34.3 behind the second row. Come take this Orlando Toyota on a test drive and see what it has to offer for yourself! We’re located at 3575 Vineland Rd. near the Mall at Millenia. Give us a call at (888) 725-3520 to set up your appointment or for more information. Google