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Is your Toyota of Orlando vehicle low on transmission fluid?


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Toyota of Orlando has gathered some sings that could let you know that your vehicle is low on transmission fluid.

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Is your Toyota of Orlando vehicle low on transmission fluid?

  1. 1. Is your Toyota of Orlando vehicle low on transmission fluid? Your vehicle transmission is responsible for sending power from the engine down to your car’s wheels. Your transmission also helps your car move and shift through gears to reach higher speeds. When your transmission isn’t working as well as it should, you won’t really get far. Our Toyota of Orlando auto service techs are here to talk to you about keeping your car’s transmission in optimal shape. Is your vehicle asking for more transmission fluid? When your vehicle’s transmission fluid becomes dirty or runs low, it becomes really difficult for your car to run properly or at all. Our Toyota of Orlando auto service techs have gathered telltale signs of too dirty or too little transmission fluid in your vehicle. 1. You suddenly can’t shift gears. While this is probably the most obvious sign that you are out of any and all transmission fluid, it tells you that it’s time to check. Whether you are driving an automatic or manual car, your car shifts gears in order to speed up or slow down when driving. If you’re vehicle is not allowed to shift when it needs to, you are not going to get very far. You can refill your transmission fluid on your own to get your vehicle to move again, but it’s probably wise to bring your car into our Orlando auto service center to be looked at by one of our techs. 2. Your shifts seem off when it comes to timing. If it seems like your gear shifts are happening too soon or too late, this could mean that your Toyota of Orlando vehicle is running low on transmission fluid and can’t get the timing right. Make sure to have your fluid topped off to prevent any damage to your vehicle’s performance later on.
  2. 2. 3. Your transmission is slipping. When your transmission slips, it feels like your car sets back into the old gear because it can’t make it to the new one. This would be most noticeable during acceleration. Other signs of slipping transmission are spiking RPMs right before a gear shift, choppy shifts, and weird noises when the car is attempting to shift. These signs point to low transmission fluid and can lead to vehicle overheating and possible expensive repairs later on. Our Orlando Toyota auto techs can take a look at this for you and help you manage it. Schedule an auto maintenance appointment at Toyota of Orlando today If there’s a delay when it’s time for your vehicle to engage the next gear, chances are you’re having issues with fluid levels. It might only be about 2-3 seconds, but it’s enough for you to notice and it’s probably time to schedule a visit with our maintenance team. Call us today at (407)298-0001 or visit us at Toyota of Orlando located at 3575 Vineland Rd just off I-4 near the Millenia Mall for all of your Orlando transmission service needs.