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How a Hybrid Car Works


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Have you ever wondered how a hybrid car works? Check out this helpful infographic from us at Toyota of Orlando and start shopping with us today at 3575 Vineland Road.

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How a Hybrid Car Works

  1. 1. HOW A HYBRID CAR WORKS DIFFERENT TYPES OF HYBRIDS The hybrid car segment has grown. Toyota has several different types on its lineup like conventional and plug-in. Plug-in boosts the electrical power and uses even less gasoline than other hybrids. MORE ELECTRIFICATION Hybrid vehicles combine the convenience of using gasoline with the efficiency of EVs. Future models integrate more electric power to save drivers money and create a cleaner environment. USE BATTERY PACKS Like an electric car (EV) hybrids use battery packs to store electrical energy to then use for accessory or total power. Some hybrids have EV modes and only use electricity when activated. USE AN ELECTRIC MOTOR WITH ICE ENGINE Hybrid cars combine an electric motor with an internal combustion engine. This saves fuel and cuts down on emissions. USE REGENERATIVE BRAKING The electric motors in a hybrid car are charged using the energy created from using your car's brakes and energy from the gasoline engine.