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Have some family fun this summer in the Orlando Toyota Sienna!


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Take your family out this summer and have some fun in the Orlando Toyota Sienna. Not only will this new Toyota minivan fit the whole family, but also has some exciting features!

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Have some family fun this summer in the Orlando Toyota Sienna!

  1. 1. Have some family fun this summer in theOrlando Toyota SiennaIf you want a family vehicle, there’s no better choice than the Orlando Toyota Sienna! Thisminivan will give you and your family everything needed to have some fun this summer. Nomatter what your family’s plans are, the Toyota Sienna can get you there and you’ll enjoy theride!Orlando Toyota Sienna fits the whole family!If you’re planning a family road trip this summer, you’re going to want the Toyota Sienna inOrlando. No matter how big your family is, you’ll be able to fit everyone comfortably, so therewill be no complaints about space! In fact, this new Toyota in Orlando has enough seating for upto eight people, which means you won’t have to worry about anyone driving separately.Not only will everyone be able to come along for the ride, but this Toyota minivan in Orlandoalso includes all of the cargo capacity you need to bring all of your luggage along. The back isgenerously sized with 39 cubic feet of cargo space and if you have more luggage than people,you can fold down the rear seats to create even more cargo capacity!Toyota Sienna in Orlando will keep your family entertainedNow that we’ve talked about the space this new Toyota provides, we can get to the more funstuff like entertainment. The Toyota Sienna in Orlando has some amazing features availableinside that’ll keep your family entertained the entire drive!
  2. 2.  Bluetooth connectivity: You’ll be able to connect your smartphone to your vehicle usingBluetooth to stream music wirelessly, so you can all listen to your favorite tunes. It’ll alsoallow you to use your smartphone hands-free so you can make great use of your drivingtime and make all of the phone calls you need! JLB Audio: Everyone will enjoy listening to music through this premium audio system. Itincludes a 6-disk CD changer, AM/FM radio, ten speakers and a subwoofer! This is sureto give you a high-quality concert-like experience! Entune: Turn your vehicle into a multi-media powerhouse by connecting yoursmartphone to Entune. This will allow you to access some awesome apps like Pandoraand iHeartRadio. You can also use it to make dinner reservations before you even reachyour destination or search the Web using Bing to see what fun activities you can do onceyou get there! Duel-view entertainment center: Your passengers will have it good with thisentertainment feature. They will be able to watch their favorite movies on a color displayin the back. The screen can even be split to display two images, allowing two people towatch what they want at the same time. With this, there’ll be no fighting over what towatch!Visit our Toyota dealership today to check out this minivan and take it for a test drive. We’relocated at 3575 Vineland Rd. near the Mall of Millenia and open until 10 pm seven days a week.You can also view our entire inventory and specials online 24/7!Google