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Get better fuel efficiency with tips from Toyota of Orlando


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Get fuel efficiency tips from Toyota of Orlando and start getting more bang for your buck at the gas pump!

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Get better fuel efficiency with tips from Toyota of Orlando

  1. 1. Get better fuel efficiency with tips from Toyota of Orlando! If you’ve fueled up your new Toyota in Orlando lately, you’ve definitely felt the strain on your wallet. Toyota of Orlando knows that gas prices are getting more and more outrageous, and that’s why we want to help Toyota drivers in Central Florida make the most of their fuel efficiency! Frommaintaining your car on a regular basis to driving tips, we’ve got the hints you need tohelp lessen the burden on your wallet!Find a fuel-efficient new Toyota in Central Florida at Toyotaof Orlando!The most obvious way to improve fuel efficiency is to purchase a car that boasts greatfuel economy in the first place – we’ve got an amazing selection of new Toyota inOrlando that do just that. For example, any member of the Orlando Toyota Prius familycan deliver, with all of them offering over 40mpg (even in the city). Our Toyotadealership in Orlando also offers other fuel efficient hybrid options, such as the ToyotaCamry Hybrid or Toyota Highlander Hybrid. However, we know not everyone is able topurchase a new Toyota in Central Florida, so here are some additional tips!First of all, roll those windows up! Having the windows down in your new Toyota inOrlando decreases fuel efficiency by creating drag – so keep the windows up whenpossible. You can also try to condense your trips. Sign up for a carpool, or try to run all ofyour errands in Central Florida at once to make the most of the fuel you do end upusing. You can even make the most of your fuel efficiency by emptying out your trunk –less weight means less effort when it comes to your new Toyota in Central Florida’sperformance!
  2. 2. Slow down and ramp up your fuel efficiency!Did we mention that driving more smoothly can also improve fuel efficiency? Lessstomping on the gas and brakes results in greater fuel economy, as does turning offyour new Toyota in Orlando when you come to a long stop (like at railroad tracks, orgridlock traffic situations). You can also improve fuel efficiency by simply slowing down– if you cut your highway speed from 70mph to 60mph, you can save 2-4mpg every trip!Finally, remember to take care of your new Toyota in Orlando’s maintenance needs!Routine maintenance can greatly extend and improve the life of your car, so ensureyou’re giving it what it needs at the Toyota of Orlando Service Center. We proudly offerauto repair in Orlando, as well as maintenance services. Whether you need a cheap oilchange in Orlando or are looking for a trustworthy location to get your brakes checked,our Orlando Toyota dealership can help… and we’ll even sign you up for reminderemails, so you don’t have to worry about keeping a maintenance schedule!We hope these tips help! If you want to learn more about fuel efficiency and how youcan better yours, or set up a car service appointment, visit Toyota of Orlando today!We’re located at 3575 Vineland Road in Orlando, and you can call our service centerat 866-945-0493. We’ll see you soon!