Get a new Toyota in Orlando that has the capabilities you want


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Think it's time to get a new Toyota in Orlando? Make sure you drive one home that has the features you need -- including front-wheel or rear-wheel drive!

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Get a new Toyota in Orlando that has the capabilities you want

  1. 1. Get a new Toyota in Orlando that has the capabilities you want! If it’s time to get a new Toyota in Orlando, then you’re in luck. Our Orlando Toyota dealership has a ton of different options available for drivers to choose from so they can be sure to get the exact kind of car they want! It’s no secret that different drivers have different driving preferences. Whether you’re looking for an eco-friendly vehicle, want something that has a lot to offer in terms of space, or are interested in taking home a tough Toyota that can tow a lot, we can help you find what you need in no time at all. Along with capabilities and vehicle style, though, have you ever thought of whether or not you should get a vehicle with front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive? We have some tips to keep in mind that can help you decide on which option is best for you! Which is better: front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive? When it comes to choosing the kind of drivetrain you want, one really isn’t better than the other. Both come with advantages and disadvantages. The choice that’s best for you really comes down to personal preference! For starters, it might be helpful to know what exactly the function of front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive is.  Front-wheel drive: This drivetrain directs power from the transmission to the front wheels, so they’re the ones powering and dictating the car’s movement.
  2. 2.  Rear-wheel drive: If your car comes with rear-wheel drive, then this means basically the opposite of front-wheel drive. In other words, the transmission is sending power to the back wheels so they’re moving the vehicle instead of the front wheels. If you’re not sure if front-wheel or rear-wheel drive is best to have in your new Toyota in Orlando, then looking at the perks these different drivetrains offer might help you decide! What drivetrain do you want your new Toyota in Orlando to have? Deciding between different drivetrains can sometimes be a tricky process – but it doesn’t have to be! Advantages of front-wheel drive   If you prefer your vehicle to be a little bit lighter, then you’ll want to take home a vehicle that that comes with front-wheel drive. They tend to have a shorter driveshaft and lighter drivetrain, which can also help improve fuel-efficiency! New Toyota that come with front-wheel drive also tend to offer more interior space, which means you have extra room for cargo. Advantages of rear-wheel drive   If a new Toyota has rearwheel drive, power is coming from the back which equals greater acceleration. That’s part of why so many drivers love the new Scion FR-S in Orlando so much! Vehicles with rear-wheel drive tend to be a little bit more responsive too, and provide better stopping power. If you love feeling in complete control of your vehicle, then opting to get a car with rear-wheel drive might be the best choice for you! Have any questions? We’re here to help! Give us a call at (888) 725-3520 to learn more! Google