Follow these rules to customize your new Scion in Orlando!


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Want to customize your new Scion in Orlando? Make sure you follow these rules so you're not diminishing your car's resale value. Check out these helpful hints!

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Follow these rules to customize your new Scion in Orlando!

  1. 1. Follow these rules to customize your new Scion in Orlando!
  2. 2. Scion vehicles have always been known for being extremely stylish and, quite frankly, a hot ride! When a new Scion whips around a corner, people immediately know the brand. However, most Scion drivers tend to want to customize their ride with their own flavor.
  3. 3. This is completely logical and fair, since your Orlando Scion is definitely an extension of you! Although what we just mentioned might be the case, it’s important to remember that what you do to your ride WILL affect its value and possibly its performance! We’re sharing some tips that will help you customize your ride to your liking without compromising your new Scion’s value! Customize your new Scion in Orlando without devaluing your ride We don’t want you to think that you can’t customize your new Scion in Orlando. On the contrary, you SHOULD customize your ride, but it has to be with objects and features that raise the value of the ride. Some of these features are:  Power moonroof  Legal window tints  DVD entertainment system  Scion fog lights and rear spoiler  Factory-installed leather seats And many others! The whole point of modifications is to add more flair to your ride while adding a bit more value. These features show that not all modifications are bad; you just simply have to know what you should and shouldn’t add to your new Scion in Orlando! We’re here to help you see why certain modifications should be avoided. Let’s get started! Avoid these modifications when customizing your Orlando Scion It’s important to customize your new Orlando Scion to your liking. In fact, our parts department is fully stocked with parts that you can use to customize your ride. Avoid the following modifications when customizing your new Scion:
  4. 4. Body Kits Did you know that the majority of body kits that are added are just for aesthetic purposes? They serve no purpose other than to distinguish your ride. They also diminish the resale value. Think about it, if you’re in the market for a ride, chances are that you want it how it came out of the factory! Custom paint jobs and/or graphics Scion vehicles have always boasted some pretty bold colors. In fact, the Scion FR-S Release Series 1.0 will come in a bombastic yellow color! However, those types of colors aren’t for everyone. If you customize your Scion with a custom paint job, the resale value will definitely be lowered! Noisy Mufflers Not only do they make your car louder, they lower the resale value because the average driver enjoys a quiet, smooth ride! Should you want to get a new ride in the future, you’ll have a hard time selling your vehicle! As you can see you can modify your ride, you just have to be smart and modify wisely! Our Parts department has genuine Scion parts that will give your ride the extra oomph you’ve been looking for! Come visit us at 3575 Vineland Road, just off I-4 by the Millenia Mall! Give us a call at 888-725-3520 if you have any questions! Google