Find your next sports car with Toyota of Orlando!


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If you love affordable sports cars, then you'll love the 2013 Scion tC and new Scion FR-S in Orlando! Come test-drive these amazing transportation options that come at equally amazing prices!

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Find your next sports car with Toyota of Orlando!

  1. 1. Find your next sports car with Toyota of Orlando!If you want a vehicle that’s sporty and safe, then you need to check out the selection ofnew Scion in Orlando that we have for you! Our Orlando Toyota dealership is excited toprovide not just new Toyota in the area, but also the Scion family! All of the vehiclesoffered in this line are fantastic and reliable transportation options, not to mentionaffordable! If you want a newer vehicle that delivers style and speed, while notcompromising safety, then don’t hesitate to stop by to see us and to check out all theamazing options we have for you!Sporty Scion tC in Orlando is sleek and refinedThe look of the new Scion tC in Orlando is hard to beat. Not only does it deliverseemingly unbeatable style, but it also provides hard-to-beat efficiency as well. Startingat the MSRP of $19,480 for the manual transmission and $20,480 for the automatictransmission, the 2013 Scion tC is definitely a great choice that any driver who is
  2. 2. looking for affordability in a new one-of-a-kind transportation option. You also have thebenefit and added reassurance of the Star Safety System in this vehicle, too! The StarSafety System uses lots of different innovative and technical mechanisms in order tohelp both driver and passengers stay as safe as possible at all times when out on theroad. Whether you’re coming to a quick and unexpected stop, or just need some extraassistance maintaining control in wet or stormy weather, the Star Safety System is thereto assist you at all times. If you like the look of the new Scion tC, but are still open toother sporty options, then be sure to check out the Orlando Scion FR-S, too!2013 Scion FR-S in Orlando doesn’t compromise instyle and entertainmentThe 2013 Scion FR-S in Orlando is more than just a sports car. It’s a class-leadingroad-warrior! Not only does it have a unique front-mounted flat boxer engine that helps itstand out, but it too is available in both a manual and automatic transmission! That’s notall, though. The unique design of the new Scion FR-S also delivers practicallyunbeatable curb-appeal. This isn’t all you get to enjoy in this new vehicle, though! Thesuperior audio system delivers fantastic sound so you can have a prime listeningexperience on your way to any destination. Since this vehicle is a sports car, you mightbe concerned that it doesn’t have enough space for friends and family. Thankfully, that’snot the case! This new Scion provides seating space for up to four people, and withplenty of leg room, no one has to feel squished.
  3. 3. Are you in the market for a new sports car? Then don’t hesitate to come down and test-drive these options today! We’re conveniently located just off of I-4 at 3575 VinelandRoad, and our knowledgeable sales team is ready to assist you with whatever youneed! We can’t wait to help you get into your new ride, today!