Find out how the Orlando Toyota Tacoma came to be so popular


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Toyota of Orlando did some digging to find out how the Toyota Tacoma came to be so popular. Get to know its history here!

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Find out how the Orlando Toyota Tacoma came to be so popular

  1. 1. Find out how the Orlando Toyota Tacoma came to be so popular! Have you had the chance to see the new Toyota Tacoma up-close and personal yet? If not, then you’ll definitely want to head down to our Orlando Toyota dealership to check it out as soon as you can. This popular Toyota truck has been a top-seller for numerous years, and pretty soon it’ll be celebrating its 20th anniversary! How did this Toyota truck come to be such a favored option? We did some digging and have all the answers for you right here! Toyota Tacoma featured multiple options from the beginning When drivers are looking for a new Toyota truck in Orlando, its’ common for them to search for a tough vehicle that perform a variety of duties and meet multiple personal preferences. When the Toyota Tacoma was first introduced, it was actually designed to replace the Toyota Hilux. The Orlando Toyota Tacoma was first produced in the United States around 1995, and its first generation offered some features that can still be found in current model-years!
  2. 2.     The idea behind this new Toyota truck was to produce a vehicle that could easily handle work duties, while also be great personal vehicle that offered a comfortable ride for passengers. When the truck was first produced it was available in three different engine sizes: 2.4L 4-cylinder, 2.7L 4-cylinder, and 3.4L V6. It was also available in either an automatic or manual transmission, and this is an option that many current trim-levels still deliver! When 1998 arrived, so did the option of the PreRunner model. This new option became pretty popular pretty quickly since it boasted a new style that featured a new grille and tailgate. Extra safety features were also added, such as a passenger’s side airbag! After 2000, even more models became available! The S-Runner model was introduced in 2001, and it was a limited-edition model that came with unique features such as alloy wheels and special shocks. This Toyota truck has developed over the years into a popular pickup truck that many drivers enjoy. With the new 2014 model-year that was just released, even more stylish features are available to enjoy! Take home the stylish and popular Toyota Tacoma in Orlando! If you’re looking for a great truck that can easily handle tough duties and also transition into nights out, then this is a vehicle worth exploring. With the option of three different trim-levels, and the ability to customize the truck through different packages, getting the performance and style you won’t shouldn’t be difficult at all. Ready to take a look at this popular and award-winning vehicle for yourself? Give us a call at (888) 725-3520 to ask any questions you may have, or to set up a test-driving appointment! You can also feel free to just stop by and visit us in person. We’re easy to get to since we’re located right off of I-4 at 3575 Vineland Rd. Stop by and visit us today! Google