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Find out about the new Toyota i-Road concept car!


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Finding an eco-friendly vehicle is easy when you come to Toyota of Orlando! Toyota is set to reveal an electric new Toyota at the Geneva Motor Show. However, we have affordable options like the new Toyota Camry Hybrid and 2013 Toyota Highlander Hybrid in Orlando for you to test-drive today!

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Find out about the new Toyota i-Road concept car!

  1. 1. Find out about the new Toyota i-Road concept car!The new Toyota i-Road concept car is supposed to be revealed at the Geneva MotorShow this week, and we’re excited to learn more about this electric powered vehicle atour Orlando Toyota dealership! What’s so exciting about this eco-friendly Toyotaconcept car? We don’t have all the details about what the Toyota i-Road will feature, butwe do have some information about its design.  It’s supposed to be designed for the urban dweller and city-driver.  A smaller and more lightweight design could help its battery hold a charge for a longer time. This means that drivers would be able to go farther than the distances and range all-electric vehicles have provided in the past.  The seats are supposed to be situated one after another in a tandem style.  This vehicle is also supposed to be incredibly narrow – needing only one windshield wiper!  The wheels might be placed so only one is in the back and two are at the front. This could help increase the vehicle’s stability.
  2. 2. We’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of an electric new Toyota in Orlando, like the newToyota RAV4 EV, and it’s possible that the Toyota i-Road might be an option availableto drivers in the future! Hybrid new Toyota are found at Toyota of Orlando!If you don’t want to travel to the Geneva Motor Show to get an eco-friendly ride, then wehave good news for you! You can take your pick out of a wide selection of hybrid newToyota when you come visit us! Curious about what you’ll find? We offer a wide varietyof vehicle styles to choose from besides members of the Orlando Toyota Prius family soyou can get the space and look you want!The 2013 Toyota Camry Hybrid definitely won’t steer you wrong! The new ToyotaCamry Hybrid has an MSRP of only $26,140 and delivers about 43/41 mpg! Seating upto five people and also coming with the Toyota Star Safety System, the new ToyotaCamry Hybrid in Orlando is available in both the LE and XLE trim-levels. This meansyou have incredible luxury and eco-friendly details to enjoy no matter which model youdrive home in! Enjoy the eco-friendly new Toyota Highlander Hybrid in OrlandoIf you love the look and feel of an SUV, but don’t like gasoline engines, we have thesolution! Ask about the 2013 Toyota Highlander Hybrid in Orlando. This vehicle is a
  3. 3. parallel hybrid, which means it uses both an electric motor and a gasoline engine forpower. Because you’re not dependent on gasoline alone, you’re able to enjoy evenbetter gas mileage and help take care of the environment – all from sitting behind thewheel! How’s that for multi-tasking?Don’t think that you’re limited when it comes to hybrid transportation options. We havemultiple eco-friendly vehicles for you to consider and take out on a test-drive, like thenew Toyota Highlander Hybrid in Orlando! Come and see us at 3575 Vineland Rd tostart the selection process so you can take home an eco-sensitive vehicle today!