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Essential Car Wash Tips


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Ready to give your ride a bath? Toyota of Orlando is here with some essential tips to make the process easy and more efficient. Check them out here!

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Essential Car Wash Tips

  1. 1. Clean The Interior First The ground where you're washing your car will likely be dirty and wet when all is said and done. Clean out your vehicle's interior first to prevent other dirt from getting into your car's cabin while you clean. Use Car Specific Soap Wash your vehicle using car specific soap. This will give the best clean and preserve the paint. Don't use dish or laundry soap to wash your car. These could damage your vehicle's paint if left to dry. Apply Wax to the Paint Wax can help preserve your wash for several days/weeks and it keeps your car's paint looking shiny and new. Make sure to invest in a quality wax and apply it to the paint generously. If you don't want to do this process by hand, we recommend investing in a rotary buff to make the task easier. ESSENTIAL CAR WASH TIPS Wash in the Shade or Late Afternoon Washing your vehicle later in the day or in a shady spot will prevent soap suds from drying on your paint. If this happens you'll have to wet the area again and dry it quickly to prevent water marks from forming. Use 2 Buckets Many drivers use only 1 bucket when washing their cars. It's actually more beneficial to use 2. Use one bucket to rinse your dirty sponge and the other to apply soapy water. This prevents you from using dirty water to wash your ride.