Enjoy the incredible view from a new Toyota or new Scion in Orlando


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If you love natural light and incredible views, then you'll love driving a new Toyota Prius or 2013 Scion tC in Orlando! Both of these vehicles have unique moonroofs that make every journey scenic!

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Enjoy the incredible view from a new Toyota or new Scion in Orlando

  1. 1. Enjoy the incredible view from a new Toyota or new Scion in Orlando!There’s something to be said for enjoying fantastic scenery while you’re on a drive inyour new Toyota in Orlando. Whether you love the mountains, coast-line, city, orcountry, anyone who’s along for the ride normally wants to enjoy looking out thewindows to enjoy the sights. Depending on the vehicle you’re driving, though, you mightbe a little limited in your viewing options. If you want to make the most of your journey,even while you’re sitting in the back, then come to our Orlando Toyota dealership! Wehave a wide selection of autos that are sure to help make every journey a scenic one. The new Scion tC in Orlando has more than one viewing option for you!What is it about the 2013 Scion tC in Orlando that makes it so special? For starters, ithas a panoramic glass roof! With the ability to seat up to four people, the people in theback seat of the 2013 Scion tC don’t have to worry about missing out on any beautifulviews they’re passing by. The panoramic glass roof in this Orlando Scion ensures thateveryone will enjoy the scenery no matter where they’re sitting. What else will you enjoyin the 2013 Scion tC? Along with the unique panoramic glass roof, this vehicle alsosports amazing curb-appeal with its sleek design, chrome-tipped exhaust, and 18-inchalloy wheels. Even though it’s a sports car, it also provides 14.7 cubic feet of cargo
  2. 2. room so you have plenty of room to pack your luggage and bring your friends along foryour next adventure! This is just one transportation option that we have available for youto check out. Other vehicles we feature provide amazing viewing opportunities, too! The new Toyota Prius in Orlando has an innovative roofline!Not only does the design of the 2013 Toyota Prius in Orlando help it be more aero-dynamic, but the actual roof of this ride has some surprising benefits, too. The powertilt/slide moonroof that is available in certain trim-levels of the new Toyota Prius not onlygives a different vantage point for passengers in the car, but it also helps keep everyonecomfortable! This moonroof is equipped with a Solar Powered Ventilation System andRemote Air Conditioning System that helps keep the interior of the 2013 Toyota Priusclose to the outside temperature when it’s parked in direct sunlight. Basically, thismeans that you get inside a much more cooler and comfortable vehicle versus needingto wait a long time before the interior is cool enough to stand!Come visit us today to check out these stylish options that provide many differentunique and beneficial features. Never hurt your neck trying to see outside yourneighbor’s window, or sit in a too-hot vehicle again with these transportation options.Call our Internet Sales Team at (888) 725-3520to learn more and to schedule a test-driving appointment today! We can’t wait to speak with you!