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Drive safely during fall in your new Toyota in Orlando!


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Are you ready to face the roads this coming fall? If you're not sure how to safely take on the streets this fall, our Orlando Toyota dealership is sharing safe driving tips!

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Drive safely during fall in your new Toyota in Orlando!

  1. 1. Drive safely during fall in your new Toyota in Orlando
  2. 2. While the temperatures in Central Florida continue to rise, fall is coming pretty soon. Florida is a special state, as we get extreme heat until well into October; however; you should know how to drive during the fall season. A change in season is more than a change in temperatures—fall brings about different foliage, more deer roaming the street, and a change in driving rules. Are you prepared to take on the road this upcoming fall? If you’re not, you’re in luck! Our Toyota dealership is sharing tips on how you can safely navigate the roads this fall!
  3. 3. Toyota of Orlando shares safe driving tips for fall Fall happens to be our favorite season. To our digital marketing team, fall signifies a new beginning. People typically like to drive in their to see the leaves change color, as well see the change innew Toyota in Orlando landscape. While we might not see much change here in Central Florida, but you can take a road trip a little bit more up north and see some change. So what can you do to stay safe in your ? We’re sharingnew Orlando Toyota some tips:  Fall is the time in which deer breed, so you have to keep an eye out forKeep your eyes peeled for animals: these animals. Deer become less attentive to their surroundings, which means you might accidentally hit one of these animals with your new . Darting deer usually come out at night, so beToyota in Orlando attentive when driving at night.  While the fall foliage may be pretty, it can be dangerous if you don’tDrive your new Toyota with caution: drive your carefully. The leaves can cause the road to become slippery and they can coverOrlando Toyota up traffic lines, which pose a lot of danger on the road. Be attentive at all times!  While it may be tempting to used high beam headlights in foggy fallStick to low beam headlights: mornings, use only the low beam headlights. High beam headlights will only cause glare to other drivers, which can put you at risk of a collision.  Fall mornings can get chilly, which means that you’ll needInspect your heater and windshield wipers: something to keep you warm. Working windshield wipers are incredibly important during this season, so make sure that the blades of the wipers are in pristine condition.  Take note that the days get shorter in the fall, which means you have toRemember the change in sunlight: remember to turn on your lights according to the light! Also, remember to turn on your headlights if your wipers are on—it’s the law!
  4. 4. Get your ride ready for fall with car maintenance In addition to practicing safe driving during the fall, you should also bring in your ride to our Toyota Service Center to get routine car maintenance! Our techs can get your Toyota ready to conquer the fall roads! Visit us at 3575 Vineland Road, just off I-4 near the Millenia Mall! Give us a call at 888-725-3520 if you have any questions! Google