Does your vehicle need brake service in Orlando?


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Our Toyota Service Center in Orlando is explaining what warning signs mean you need brake service. We can help you detect an issue and fix it with the correct brake service in Orlando.

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Does your vehicle need brake service in Orlando?

  1. 1. Does your vehicle need brake service in Orlando?
  2. 2. The brake system is a vital part of your vehicle, which is why it’s important to take care of it. This means bringing your vehicle to our Toyota Service Center in Orlando for brake service when necessary. How do you know when your vehicle is due for brake service? There are a number of warning signs that can indicate the need for brake service. We’re sharing these signs with you, so you can make sure your vehicle’s brake system is in tip-top shape!
  3. 3. Determining when you need brake service in Orlando
  4. 4. Like we said, your brakes are important, as you wouldn’t be able to stop your vehicle without them! Your best bet is to bring your vehicle to our Toyota Service Center in Orlando for the brake service you need. Although the brake system is quite complex, it’s easy to recognize when your vehicle is due for brake service. There are three main parts to your brakes – the brake pads, brake fluid and rotors. We’re explaining how you can determine if any of these parts need care.  Brake pads: Brake pads need to be changed when they wear too thin. There are a number of ways to determine if your vehicle needs new brake pads. You can inspect them visually. If they’re thinner than a quarter of an inch, it’s time to change them. Most brake pads also have a built-in indicator that’ll make a screeching sound when they’re worn out. If you hear a grinding noise, it means your brake pads are completely worn and you should get brake service in Orlando right away!  Brake fluid: Your vehicle’s brake fluid should be full and clean at all times. If your brakes aren’t responding well and you have to push down further than normal, it may mean there’s a leak in your brake fluid. Additionally, if you feel your vehicle pulling to one side when braking, there could be external substances in your brake fluid. In this case, our professional technicians can drain and refill the fluid for you.
  5. 5.  Brake rotors: Brake rotors (also called brake discs) are also an important part of your brake system, as they clamp down on the wheel to stop it from spinning. If you feel a vibrating or pulsing when coming to a stop, it could mean your brake rotors are warped. It can be hard to determine if this is the case on your own, which is why you should bring your vehicle to our Orlando service center for a professional diagnosis. Take care of your Orlando brake service and more at our Toyota Service Center! No matter what auto maintenance in Orlando your vehicle needs, we can help you at our Toyota Service Center! Let our professional technicians do all of work for you, so you don’t have to. You can also check out our auto service coupons in Orlando to get a great deal on your brake service. Toyota of Orlando is located at 3575 Vineland Rd. near the Mall at Millenia. Call our service center at (866) 945-0493 to set up your appointment today! Google