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2014 Toyota Highlander revealed!


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The 2014 Toyota Highlander was just revealed this week at the New York Auto Show! Our Orlando Toyota dealership is excited about its new style and all the incredible features it has to offer!

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2014 Toyota Highlander revealed!

  1. 1. 2014 Toyota Highlander revealed!Have you seen the 2014 Toyota Highlander in Orlando yet? It was just revealed at the2013 New York Auto Show this past week! We’re especially excited about this re-designed vehicle as it features an all-new style, and we can’t wait to offer it at ourOrlando Toyota dealership! The current model-year of this spacious SUV already offersfantastic room in the interior and incredible durability, so we’re looking forward to takingthe newest option out for a spin!2014 Toyota Highlander is an elegant option!Maybe elegance isn’t the first word that pops into your head when you think of an SUV.When you see this new Toyota in Orlando, though, it’s hard not to think of sophisticatedstyle! Three main attributes this re-designed vehicle has that reviewers are praising areits:  Comfort for passengers  Added standard features  Increased interior capacity  Quiet and smooth ride
  2. 2. Some upgrades you might notice when you get inside this new Toyota in Orlando arethe specialized lighting located around the dash and doors. This helps create a relaxingand luxurious environment that will help put everyone at ease, no matter how longthey’re on the road for! The use of second-row sunshades is also a small yet convenientdetail that passengers will most likely take full advantage of. More safety options arealso available in this new model-year! Some of the choices available to drivers include:  Blind-Spot Monitor  Lane-Departure Warning  Rear Cross-Traffic AlertWith these kind of technological safety mechanisms available to enjoy in the 2014Toyota Highlander, you can have complete peace of mind behind the wheel all the time!Test-drive the 2013 Toyota Highlander today!We don’t have a specific date for when this new model-year will be on our lot, but we dohave the 2013 Toyota Highlander available for you to take out for a spin today! Toyotaunderstands that keeping passengers and drivers safe and secure while they’retravelling is of paramount importance. That’s why you can count on being safe whenyou’re in this new Toyota. After all, it was put on the 2013 Top Safety Picks list by theInsurance Institute for Highway Safety! What are some of the features already installedthat work to keep you safe?
  3. 3.  Hill Start Assist Control: Don’t worry about trying to accelerate before your vehicle starts rolling downhill. If you’re ever parked on an incline, this feature kicks in to help reduce how much your new Toyota will roll backwards before you can start moving forwards!  Toyota Star Safety System: Designed to work with the driver, the system features highly-specialized mechanisms that help the person behind the wheel maintain control of their vehicle at all times.  Tire Pressure Monitor System: This unique feature will alert you when air pressure ever runs too low. This can help prevent possible blow-outs!With safety features like these, you’ll love driving this Orlando Toyota – no matter whatthe model-year it is! To get even more information, feel free to call our Internet SalesTeam at (888) 725-3520!Google