Toyota tundra used to pull space shuttle goes on display


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If you want a truck with some serious towing power, the N Charlotte Toyota Tundra is the one for the job. It even towed a space shuttle last year and now that famous Toyota truck is going to be on display at the California Science Center!

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Toyota tundra used to pull space shuttle goes on display

  1. 1. Toyota Tundra used to pull space shuttlegoes on display!We all know the N Charlotte Toyota Tundra has some serious towing power, but itreally showed its strength last year when it helped tow a retired space shuttleacross LAs 405 freeway. Now the Toyota Tundra renowed for hauling the spaceshuttle is going to be on display at the California Science Center! It’ll be part of anexhibit to demonstrate how to pick up large things. This is certainly fitting since thistruck is made just for this kind of work!N Charlotte Toyota Tundra is ready for any towing job!The Toyota Tundra in N Charlotte is ready for any job whether it’s pulling a spaceshuttle or anything else! No matter what you need done - you can do it with thisnew Toyota near Charlotte. It’s available in five models for you to choose from toget the towing strength you need. Some models can even haul more than five tons!Some of the features that are available to make this possible include: Engine choices, which includes an available 4.0L V6, 4.6 V8 or 5.7 V8engine! Whichever engine you choose, you can be sure you’re going toget all of the power you expect from this hefty Toyota truck! A 10.5 inch ring gear, which is designed to handle the torque from theavailable 5.7 V8 engine! This is fitted for the rear differential and isimportant for this truck to haul heavy loads. Towing hitch receiver, which gives you even more towing strength. Thisintegrated hitch receiver is attached far down the frame rails with a dozenstrong bolts and features a hydro-form cross member!
  2. 2.  TOW/HAUL Mode, which is a mode specifically for helping thetransmission when towing in lower gear ranges. It also helps withacceleration, pulling power and engine braking when you’re carrying alarge load.Choose a Toyota Tundra truck package to fit your needsAlthough our N Charlotte Toyota Tundra are sure to give you power, just how muchof it you get depends on what features you add with our available truck packages.The truck packages in N Charlotte all come with different features for differentpurposes. These packages include: Tow Package, which is exactly what you need when you have to tow largeitems like a trailer, boat or another car. Chrome Appearance Package, which will give your new Toyota someadded edge on the exterior for turning heads. Work Truck Package, which gives your truck the durability you need toget through any work day. Convenience Package, which comes with great features to make yourdaily driving that much easier and more convenient. TRD Off-Road Package, which is for any driver who loves to take theirtruck on off-roading adventures.Visit Toyota of N Charlotte today to find out more about this new Toyota truck andtake it for a test drive! We’re located at 13429 Statesville Rd. off I-77 on exit 23.You can also call our Internet Sales Team at (888) 883-3797 with any questions orto set up and appointment with one of our knowledgeable Sales Specialists. Welook forward to seeing you here!Google