Toyota of North Charlotte offers new Toyota with features to make driving easier!


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Toyota of N Charlotte is proud to teach customers about the new technology that comes in many new Toyota near Charlotte. Things like the Smart Key System or Blind Spot Monitor can make a huge difference. But did you ever think about how this makes driving easier? We think that by making driving easier it also makes it safer. The Blind Spot Monitor is designed to alert you in time before an accident occurs. The push button ignition can help people with arthritis. It’s all in a day’s work at Toyota!

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Toyota of North Charlotte offers new Toyota with features to make driving easier!

  1. 1. Toyota of North Charlotte offers new Toyota with features to make driving easier!Toyota is always looking for creative ways to help drivers. There are plenty of new featuresthat are starting to accommodate the driving experience. Whether you have arthritis, orhave recently had an injury, there is a feature in your new Toyota near Charlotte that maybe able to make your commute easier. We’ve all heard about cars that may eventually drivethemselves and at our N Charlotte Toyota dealership, we don’t think that assumption is toofar-fetched. The Smart Key System is more than just convenient!The Toyota Smart Key System is push-button technology for the ignition. You’ll find it inmany new Toyota near Charlotte, like the 2013 Toyota Prius. Instead of having to turn akey to start the car, as long as you keep the key fob near you, the car starts when you pushthe button. If you’re suffering from arthritis or a hand injury, you will have a much easiertime starting the car. Turning a car key can be difficult for some people with joint problems.We bet you never even thought about that! It’s just another convenience from Toyota.Safety is always a key issue. New alert systems like the Blind Spot Monitor and Rear CrossTraffic Alert are here to save you from an accident. In fact, these two features will bestandard on some of the new 2013 Toyota Camry near Charlotte, due out around January.The Rear Cross Traffic Alert can see for you when you can’t. Have you even been in aparking spot, but unable to see clearly when backing out? The Rear Cross Traffic Alert will
  2. 2. alert you if a car is going by. This way you can be sure to back-out of your parking spacewhen no one is coming. Touch Tracer Display eliminates driving distractions!There is also Head-Up Display or touch tracer display. This technology is available in the2013 Toyota Prius near Charlotte. Toyota has placed audio controls on steering wheels, toeliminate driver’s distractions. However, it now can pose a new problem – looking down atthe steering wheel. To eliminate this hazard and make it easier to control features, Head-UpDisplay projects your controls on the windshield – right in the line of vision for the driver. Itwill highlight the button your hand is on, so you can easily look at the road and maneuveryour features. We hope to see this in many new Toyota in N Charlotte very soon.Even features like heated seats can help drivers who have back problems on long road trips.Toyota tries to be as accommodating as possible, and that includes technology to makedriving easier for everyone. By making driving easier, it also makes new Toyota nearCharlotte safer.If you’re looking for a specific technology, visit us today. Our sales specialists can you helpwith whatever you need in a new Toyota. Toyota of N Charlotte is located off of I-77, inHuntersville. We have plenty of models to choose from and many come with these availablefeatures. We hope to see you soon!