Toyota of N Charlotte helps you put safety first


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If safety is important to you, then you'll love the options we have for you at our location! Featuring technology like the Star Safety System and a backup camera, you'll find all the safety features you need to be kept secure on the road when you're driving a new Toyota near Charlotte!

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Toyota of N Charlotte helps you put safety first

  1. 1. Toyota of N Charlotte helps you put safety first!We know how important safety is. Whether you’re on the road or just walking the dog,staying safe is always a priority! That’s why Toyota not only provides safe transportationoptions to people all across the globe, but also partners with communities andorganizations to help make sure all know how to stay safe! In Los Angeles, Toyota hascombined forces with the Children’s Hospital to expand the Buckle Up for Life Program.This national program that will now reach Orange County, California helps spread themessage that properly buckling up children in the car and in car seats helps savechildren’s lives. If you’re looking for a safe transportation option to drive whether you’resolo or transporting young ones, make sure you visit your local N Charlotte Toyotadealership!Experience safety in a new Toyota near Charlotte No matter what, we know that you’ll have some of the best safety when you get a safe new Toyota near Charlotte. The Toyota Star Safety System is a standard feature that is included in many new Toyota, so youdon’t have to worry about keeping everyone safe when you’re on the road. And sincewe have lots of new Toyota specials in N Charlotte to choose from too, getting a safevehicle at a great price also isn’t a problem! What specifically about the Star SafetySystem gives such great peace of mind, you wonder? The features that this innovativetechnology delivers are designed to work with both driver and vehicle in everyunexpected circumstance! For example, the Enhanced Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)is a system designed to help drivers maintain control of their auto in bad conditions,such as wet or icy roads. The Smart Stop Technology is also extremely important as ithelps reduce engine power when a driver needs to bring their new Toyota nearCharlotte to a quick stop!
  2. 2. Never doubt your security in a new Toyota nearCharlotte!Along with the ToyotaStar Safety System, youcan also expect to findadditional safety andsecurity features in manyN Charlotte Toyota. Withair bags strategicallyplaced in the manytransportation optionsyou’ll be able to find withus, you know that even ifthe unexpected happensyou’ll be kept secure atall times in your new Toyota. And that’s not all! Many vehicles that you find at ourlocation also have added features that help you maintain control of your vehicle andstay aware of your surroundings. The Tire Pressure Monitor System is an importantaddition in a new Toyota as it lets the driver know if the pressure is too low at any timein a tire. This can help prevent blowouts, along with help you keep track of what kind ofcare your vehicle needs! A backup camera can also be found in many different newToyota models, which helps assist drivers in making sure that they can see as much aspossible before starting to reverse their auto.If you’re curious about all the different safety features you can find in a new Toyota in NCharlotte, don’t hesitate to come and see us to start test-driving one today! We’reconveniently located at 13249 Statesville Road in Huntersville, and can’t wait to helpyou out!