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Toyota of N Charlotte explores top selling Toyota!


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Toyota of N Charlotte takes a look at the 9.75 million cars Toyota sold in 2012, to find two models that outdid themselves! The 2013 Toyota Prius is the best-selling car of California and the 2013 Toyota Corolla remains American's sweetheart! Find out the unique features each of these new Toyota have to offer!

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Toyota of N Charlotte explores top selling Toyota!

  1. 1. Toyota of N Charlotte explores top- selling Toyota!Toyota of N Charlotte has had a hunch since October that Toyota would topple General Motors as theworld’s largest automaker – it’s now official! Toyota is the world’s largest automaker and has sold 9.75million vehicles! The counting has finally stopped; it took months for the numbers to be finalized! It’sprobably safe to say counting 9.75 million vehicles isn’t a fast process. Along with these millions of cars,can you guess which new Toyota were the top-sellers? Check out the technology available on the 2013 Toyota Prius!If you’ve heard about the recent Toyota Prius news, you’d remember it being the best-selling car inCalifornia of 2012. This hybrid has made it all the way to top of the charts. By becoming the best-sellingcar in California it also made the list of the top 3 most sold cars! We love the 2013 Toyota Prius in NCharlotte – it’s such a great hybrid! It not only helps you save on gas, but is available with thesetechnologically advanced features:  Solar roof panels; these are affixed to the roof of your N Charlotte Toyota Prius and power a fan to keep the interior of the car cool – this is especially helpful on hot summer days  Remote Air Conditioning; in conjunction with the solar panels, this system can be turned on 30 yards away with your key fob. It circulates cool air inside the car, so by the time you get back in, it’s already cooled off!  Smart Key System; this is what allows you to start your car with the push of a button – you can also unlock the doors from three feet away!Those are just a few of the available technologies you can have put into your Toyota Prius in N Charlotte!The Toyota Prius isn’t the only car responsible for increasing Toyota’s sales – the Toyota Corolla helped!
  2. 2. The sporty Toyota Corolla is full of safety features!The 2013 Toyota Corolla is one of our favorite new Toyota near Charlotte. It’s an affordable sporty carand it’s extremely safe. That’s one aspect many drivers appreciate and even more so if they findthemselves on a tight budget. Here’s just a taste of what makes the 2013 Toyota Corolla in N Charlotte atop-seller:  Each model comes with 6 airbags; from the front seat to the rear side curtain airbags, Toyota has you covered.  The front and rear have crumple zones, designed to absorb energy if you are involved in an accident.  Even the headrests in the Toyota Corolla are more than what they seem – they are Active Headrests which mean they move and give with the car, which better supports the passengers head in a collision.That’s only part of what makes the 2013 Toyota Corolla such a safe car. There is also the Star SafetySystem and each and every new Toyota has it – standard. No extra fees, no extra questions – the StarSafety System is included. This system includes things like Anti-Lock Brakes and Smart Stop Technology.Want to check out either one of these new Toyota near Charlotte? Visit Toyota of N Charlotte! We canshow you around and take you for a test in a number of best-selling vehicles. We are located off of I-77,in Huntersville. We are ready to serve you!