Toyota named most fuel efficient auto manufacturer!


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Toyota is the most fuel-efficient full-line automotive manufacturer and it comes at no surprise considering the amazing selection of efficient and hybrid vehicles we offer!

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Toyota named most fuel efficient auto manufacturer!

  1. 1. Toyota is most fuel-efficient automanufacturer!Here at Toyota of N Charlotte we have variety of new Toyota that are extremelyfuel efficient, but did you know that Toyota is actually the most fuel-efficientfull-line auto manufacturer? This title comes as no coincidence consideringToyota is working hard every day to deliver fuel efficient new Toyota toconsumers. Not only do we have new Toyota in N Charlotte that are fuelefficient, but we blow away the competition with our hybrid vehicles!New Toyota hybrid vehicles lead the pack!The best way to get fuel-efficiency is with a Toyota hybrid! Toyota began to pavethe way for hybrid vehicles with the N Charlotte Toyota Prius, which continues tobe the best-selling hybrid vehicle in the U.S.! With the Toyota Prius leading thepack, Toyota continues to introduce even more new Toyota hybrids toconsumers including: Toyota Highlander Hybrid, which is a great option for anyone who wants afuel efficient vehicle, but doesnt want to give up the luxuries of driving anSUV. Toyota Camry Hybrid, which gives consumers the option to own a fanfavorite with added efficiency to make it even more appealing. Toyota Avalon Hybrid, which is a great way to get the luxury you deserve,while having a vehicle that gives you great efficiency and allows you to bemore eco-friendly. Toyota Prius Family, which includes the N Charlotte Toyota Prius v, Prius cand Prius Plug-in. Because the Toyota Prius is so popular, Toyota addedeven more models to its lineup, giving you the freedom to choose onethat fits you!
  2. 2. New Toyota in N Charlotte offer efficiencyAlthough our hybrid vehicles are our most efficient option, you dont have toown a hybrid to get efficiency from our new Toyota near Charlotte. No matterwhat type of car you want, we strive to make all of our new Toyota as fuelefficient as possible. We have a variety of vehicles that only use gasoline, butuse very little of it including: Toyota RAV4: Just because you’re driving an SUV doesnt mean you haveto drive a gas-guzzler. The 2013 Toyota RAV4 near Charlotte gives yougreat efficiency with 24 city and 31 highway mpg. You wont have toworry about spending more money on fuel just because youre driving aspacious car! Toyota Corolla: This vehicle gives you everything you need in a compactsedan and all of the fuel efficiency you want, averaging about 27 city and34 highway mpg. It’s also set to be remodeled for 2014 and we cant waitto see what kind of efficiency the 2014 Toyota Corolla will offer! Toyota Yaris: If you want a vehicle with fuel-efficiency and versatility, theToyota Yaris is the perfect fit for you. This vehicle can get about 30 cityand 37 highway mpg. With this kind of efficiency, its hard to believe itsnot a hybrid!Visit Toyota of N Charlotte today to take a look at our hybrid and fuel-efficientvehicles. You can even take them for a test drive and experience them foryourself! We’re located off I-77 on exit 23. Our team is happy to assist you inany way!Google