The Toyota Prius grows in popularity and launches special edition model!


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Toyota is seeing sales growth worldwide, especially in the UK! Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid sales have topped its competitor model in the UK! We see this as more of a reason to keep making green cars! Toyota has stepped up the Toyota Prius family with the Prius Persona Series! Check out this limited edition Toyota Prius! It has a new design so you can be green in plenty of style!

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The Toyota Prius grows in popularity and launches special edition model!

  1. 1. The Toyota Prius grows in popularityand launches a special edition model!Toyota has been a leader in green initiatives for a few years now and is making progress worldwide withthe Toyota Prius family! While the Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid celebrates success in California and otherstates in the US, it is now topping sales in the United Kingdom! The Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid was onlyintroduced to our friends across the pond in July 2012. Since that time, the Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybridhas topped sales of its competitor the Vauxhaull Ampera. The most recent sales numbers show 470 PriusPlug-Ins have been sold in the UK! Toyota continues green initiatives for 2013!This is great news for Toyota, as we enter 2013! It’s a new year and that means new green initiatives andnew sales. Toyota was awarded for the third year in a row Nielsen’s Green Marketer of the Year Award.At Toyota of N Charlotte, we couldn’t be more proud! We are happy to serve our community with the mostreliable hybrids around! We hope to make it a fourth year in 2013.What does the Toyota Prius near Charlotte have to offer? Not only are you doing the environment a favorby driving a 2013 Toyota Prius in N Charlotte, you’ll see savings in your bank account. The Toyota Priusis an amazing car that has a partial zero emissions rating from the EPA and plenty of technology.Sacrificing on features to improve gas mileage isn’t a sacrifice you’ll have to make if you choose theToyota Prius.
  2. 2. Toyota launches the Prius Persona Series!The 2013 Toyota Prius in N Charlotte also has a new special edition model to choose from. It’s called thePrius Persona. At Toyota of N Charlotte, we think it’s the most beautiful Prius yet! It brings design on theToyota Prius to an entirely new level. It is only available in three paint colors: Black, Blizzard Pearl andthe new Black Cherry Pearl. We are fans of the Black Cherry Pearl; no one else will have a car in thiscolor!The interior is decked out in SoftTex seating, which is in a new color – Charcoal. There are black accentsthroughout the cabin and red stitching on the seats, which is a beautiful contrast against the dark gray.SoftTex seating is perfect for children, as it is easy to clean. The wheels are upgraded to 17-inch alloywith a premium finish.Like we mentioned previously, the Toyota Prius near Charlotte doesn’t sacrifice on features. The PriusPersona Series comes standard with Display Audio and Entune. A backup camera is integrated forsafety’s sake as well as Bluetooth. Wirelessly connect your smartphone for hands-free phone calls anduse Entune to find nearby restaurants and shops. All of these features are coupled with perfect fueleconomy. The Toyota Prius near Charlotte averages 51 mpg city driving and 48 mpg on the highway!The 2013 Toyota Prius is a car that you need to experience. Visit our N Charlotte Toyota dealership totake one for a test drive today! We are located off of I-77, in Huntersville. We will see you soon!