The 2013 Toyota Highlander makes its way to N Charlotte Toyota!


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The 2013 Toyota Highlander makes its way to N Charlotte Toyota!

  1. 1. The 2013 Toyota Highlander is at N Charlotte Toyota!The 2013 Toyota Highlander in N Charlotte is a great SUV for families. It’s sporty but offers the space andutility you’d expect from an SUV. N Charlotte Toyota has noticed that many SUV models on today’smarket are big and bulky and don’t perform. This is not true with the N Charlotte Toyota Highlander!There are also some great new features added to the brand new 2013 Toyota Highlander near Charlotte.You’ll find a variety of new features on the all-new 2013 Toyota Highlander in Charlotte. Toyota has onceagain listened to what customers want and have delivered. There is a new trim level for you to choosefrom called the 2013 Toyota Highlander Plus. This gives just one more option to NC families looking for agreat SUV.Check out the new 2013 Toyota Highlander model near Charlotte!For starters, the new 2013 Toyota Highlander Plus model is an amazing option. We are most excitedabout this model because it’s not quite the base, but it’s not quite the top either. It’s a great mix ofpractical features that you will use on a daily basis. Sometimes you’re not in the car enough to use all ofthe features! This Toyota Highlander near Charlotte is the perfect mix. Let’s explore the standardfeatures on this Toyota Highlander in N Charlotte!The Display Audio comes standard. This means you’ll get Bluetooth for hands-free phone calls and easywireless music streaming. You can add the available navigation to this model if you’d like. But thetechnology doesn’t stop there. The 2013 Toyota Highlander in N Charlotte comes with a backup camerafor added safety and integrated fog lamps for a sportier look.If you’re looking for a more luxurious model, there are plenty of options. For example, the SE trim level isa step up from the Plus. This Toyota Highlander near Charlotte also comes with the Display Audio, but it
  2. 2. gets the Navigation with Entune system as well. It’s part of the package instead of upgrade. Entunetechnology is really amazing to have in the car. You can use different apps through the Entune system topurchase movie tickets, listen to music or make dinner reservations. If you get in the car and don’t knowwhere to eat, it’s not a problem if you have Entune!Now the SE model just might not be doing it for you. That’s why there is always a Limited model. The2013 Toyota Highlander near Charlotte has just one last grade for you to check out. The Limited comeswith all of the bells and whistles. Some families want it all! This Toyota delivers. The seats are heated andleather trimmed and metallic trim rounds out the interior.For environmentally conscious families, there are also two hybrid options to check out! The 2013 ToyotaHighlander Hybrid near Charlotte is here! At N Charlotte Toyota, we think finding the combination of aroomy SUV with sporty style with a hybrid engine is very uncommon! You will have to come into NCharlotte Toyota and check out your favorite Toyota Highlander in N Charlotte! We are located off of I-77in Huntersville. Come and see us!