The 2013 Toyota Avalon near Charlotte is the most American car!


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The 2013 Toyota Avalon can be found at Toyota of N Charlotte! Besides the amazing new upgrades and brand-new design, is the fact this car is 85% American made! It beats out any other car on the American market for most USA-made parts. Toyota engineered this car to all-American designers and manufacturers! Take it for a test drive in Huntersville today!

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The 2013 Toyota Avalon near Charlotte is the most American car!

  1. 1. The 2013 Toyota Avalon near Charlotte is the most American car!While Toyota is a Japanese automaker, the 2013 Toyota Avalon is the most American-madecar! Toyota beats out American car manufacturers because the 2013 Toyota Avalon wasdesigned solely in the United States. Also, 85% of its parts are made in Kentucky. No otherautomaker has a car with that many American parts. The concept behind the 2013 ToyotaAvalon near Charlotte was to design an American car by American designers. Tokyodesigners had nothing to do with the concept! It was re-designed from top to bottom byToyota employees in California and Michigan. It’s being manufactured North Americanplants and shipped out to different countries. The 2013 Toyota Avalon was re-designed in the United States!Besides being an American car, what else makes the re-designed Toyota Avalon so special?At our N Charlotte Toyota dealership, we were highly impressed the first time we got thiscar on the lot. The Toyota Avalon was always thought of as a sedan, geared toward matureadults. With the new design, we think it’s going to be looked at by all age groups.The exterior of the 2013 Toyota Avalon near Charlotte is sleek. It’s modern. It’s impressive.The front features clean lines and has a wide-mouth, sophisticated grille. The headlights areLED powered and you’ll find this design is much different than any other Toyota. It has aslightly similar look to a sports car, but the sleek lines are what keeps it looking luxurious.The interior features vary by model, but you won’t drive away in an N Charlotte ToyotaAvalon without leather seats –they are standard in all models. The design considers how the
  2. 2. driver will interact with the dashboard. IntelliTouch buttons are on the instrument panel,creating extremely sleek buttons that don’t get in the way. In fact, they seem to add to theoverall aesthetic appeal of the controls. White ice backlighting is available on some modelsand gives the 2013 Toyota Avalon an extremely luxurious look. It’s not found in any otherToyota. Find new features in the N Charlotte Toyota Avalon!Features like Display Audio with Bluetooth sets the standard. Depending upon the modelyou choose, you might have Navigation and Entune as well. A backup camera is standard inall 2013 Toyota Avalon near Charlotte. For electronic convenience you’ll find three 12Vauxiliary outlets for everyone to charge devices with. There is also the new e-Bin, which iswhere you can house your smartphone. The Toyota designers didn’t want a mess of wiresdistracting from the beautiful interior, so they came up with a solution. It has amanagement system for wires and a special USB port so you can plug your smartphoneright into the big. It also has a cover for when your phone is not in use.Who is ready to test drive the 2013 Toyota Avalon? Visit Toyota of North Charlotte! We havea team of sales specialists who are ready to take you out in this new Toyota. We are locatedoff of I-77 in Huntersville. This Toyota Avalon is amazing – make sure you come and see it!