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New Toyota Camry hybrid is a top five affordable vehicle!


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Love affordability? Then you'll love the cost-saving options the new Toyota Camry Hybrid in N Charlotte offers!

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New Toyota Camry hybrid is a top five affordable vehicle!

  1. 1. GoogleNew  Toyota  Camry  Hybrid  is  a  top-­‐five   affordable  vehicle!  If you want a ride that’s extremely affordable, then you might want to check out the eco-friendly transportation options we have for you at Toyota of N Charlotte! U.S. Newsrecently came out with a review of the most affordable midsize cars, and the 2013Toyota Camry Hybrid is the fourth most affordable vehicle on this list! U.S. News saysthat is ranks strong for its powerful hybrid performance and its spacious interior. Whosays a hybrid vehicle has to be small and unattractive? The new Toyota Camry Hybridin N Charlotte clearly proves that this stereotype is incorrect!Enjoy  the  spacious  style  this  new  Toyota  hybrid  has  to  offer!  If you want incredible style and hard-to-beat affordability, then you want to slide behindthe wheel of the 2013 Toyota Camry Hybrid in N Charlotte. • It’s available in two different trim-levels so you’re not limited in options. • The new Toyota Camry is known for its incredible reputation. After all, over ninety percent of all these vehicles that have been sold in the past ten years are STILL on the road today! This same reputation and incredible driving experience is now available to you with the legendary Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive Technology. • Offered at the starting MSRP of $26,140, your budget will thank you for getting this incredibly stylish and versatile new Toyota!
  2. 2. • As you’re probably well-aware, the affordability doesn’t begin and end with its sticker price, either. You’ll enjoy around 43/39 mpg when you’re out on the road in this vehicle. Frequent pit stops at the gas station will become a thing of the past in this new Toyota hybrid in N Charlotte!Affordability is all well and good, but we know that curb-appeal and entertainmentoptions are also important features to drivers. No matter how long you’re on the road,we want to make sure that you have access to the music you want to listen to, and thatyou’re making the exact stylish statement you’re interested in achieving!The  2013  Toyota  Camry  Hybrid  offers  incredible  listening  options!  Between the two different model options (LE and XLE), your style preferences are sureto be met. Worried about listening to your favorite music without any static interference,too? You shouldn’t be! Both trim-levels comes with Bluetooth wireless technology inthem. This means that each new Toyota in N Charlotte provides not just the ability towirelessly stream music from an electronic device, but also make and receive phonecalls! The audio and Bluetooth controls on the steering wheel also make changing theradio station or taking that important phone call seamless and easy.With incredible features like these, it’s hard to believe that all this and more is yours inthe fourth most affordable midsized vehicle! IF you’re interested in taking care of the
  3. 3. environment and your budget at the same time, why not come down and test-drive thisnew Toyota hybrid? You’ll love the technology that’s underneath the hood and in theinterior for you to enjoy! Stop by and see us at 13429 Statesville Road today!