N Charlotte Toyota Avalon completely redesigned for 2013!


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The 2013 Toyota Avalon in N Charlotte was completely redesigned and includes great new features, making it even better than the previous generation model!

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N Charlotte Toyota Avalon completely redesigned for 2013!

  1. 1. N Charlotte Toyota Avalon completely redesigned for 2013!The Toyota Avalon in N Charlotte is a top-of-the-line full-sized luxury sedan that is nothing shortof amazing, but with this vehicle’s complete overhaul for 2013, we made the new model evenbetter than the previous generation. The new N Charlotte Toyota Avalon is suddenly even moreluxurious, stylish and polished than you could ever imagine!Even more to love about the new N Charlotte Toyota Avalon!The new design of the 2013 Toyota Avalon in N Charlotte gives overall luxury with newly styledbody, upgraded technology and sophisticated interior. The sleek new exterior of the N CharlotteToyota Avalon sets the look of this world-class vehicle a step above its competitors. The newmodel is two inches shorter and slightly lower to the ground, but still sized just right. Thebeautiful interior provides an unforgettable ride for any traveler. You’ll be pampered with thepower-adjustable leather trimmed heated and ventilated front seats that’ll put you at ease. Thegenerous space in the back and optional Duel Climate Control, which allows the settings ateveryone’s own personal liking, will please any demanding passenger.The 2013 Toyota Avalon now offers more safety features than ever before! It features tenairbags, which is an increase from seven in the previous model. It also has Quadrabeamheadlights and LED Daytime Running Lights to improve safety by assuring visibility by others nomatter what time of the day it is. Another important safety feature available is the Blind SpotMonitor with Rear Cross Traffic Alert. This can help prevent unnecessary accidents by allowingyou to always be aware of the cars around you.
  2. 2. This new Toyota has technology for all your needsAll of these great features make this a world-class vehicle, but the best is yet to come –technology! It has great new technology incorporated into so many elements throughout.There’s new and innovative technology to improve the efficiency and keep you entertained at alltimes! Efficiency is important and it’s all made possible with our top-notch technology. Here aresome elements that make this new vehicle efficient:  The graceful and powerful V6 engine is incredibly efficient, giving this car about 31 highway mpg and allowing for ultra-low amounts harmful emissions. This proves that you can have an engine with strength that’s still eco-friendly!  It also comes in hybrid models, offering even more fuel-efficiency with the same attractive look and luxurious feel you as the fuel-only model.  The choice of two steering modes normal and sport, improves efficiency in every-day driving or when the road gets rough. You never know what you’ll run into on the open road, but with this you’ll always be prepared!Now let’s talk about the exciting technology that gives your driving experience the addedentertainment. This vehicle includes a display audio touch screen with AM/FM radio and CDplayer letting you can have all your music at the tip of your fingers, eight speakers to surroundyourself with sound, hands-free phone capability so you don’t have to worry about taking yourhands off the steering wheel or eyes off the road and music streaming via Bluetooth for totalcontrol of what you listen to!With all of these great new features built right in, how can you resist experiencing it for yourself?Visit our N Charlotte Toyota dealership today take a test drive or visit our website for moreinformation. We look forward to seeing you!We want to hear your thoughts. What do you think about the new design of the 2013 ToyotaAvalon?