N charlotte toyota prius turned into race car


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The N Charlotte Toyota Prius has been turned into a race car that's both fast and fuel-efficient! This race car was revealed in Japan and has people in awe. Next time you're looking for looking for a vehicle that has it all, check out the Toyota Prius!

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N charlotte toyota prius turned into race car

  1. 1. N Charlotte Toyota Prius turned into race car!When you think of the N Charlotte Toyota Prius, you wouldn’t expect that a hybrid vehicledesigned for low gas mileage and eco-friendliness could be turned into a race car, but you mightbe surprised. Toyota proved it was possible with the Toyota Prius GT300, a Toyota Priusracecar, making people think twice before doubting the abilities of a hybrid vehicle!It’s obvious that the Toyota Prius GT300 is a bit different than the Toyota we’re used to!Although elements of the N Charlotte Toyota Prius remain, a lot of it needed to be transformedin order to get this Toyota ready for the race tracks!  It resembles the original’s sleek silhouette, but features a full body kit which allows for better aerodynamics.  The arches were widened in order to fit the racing tires necessary for performance on the track.  It includes the hybrid drivetrain with Hybrid Synergy Drive, but has a bit larger lithium-ion battery pack.  Its 3.4 liter V8 race engine differs from the 1.8 liter engine the Toyota available to the public.  It contains a 300 horse power, which is far from the 134 horse power in the production model.N Charlotte Toyota Prius delivers on efficiencyThe most important thing about the Toyota Prius in N Charlotte is that you can always count onthis hybrid to give you maximum efficiency. This is what has appealed to consumers from the
  2. 2. day this new Toyota was introduced. This efficient vehicle uses hybrid technology to maximizefuel efficiency, getting about 51 mpg city. To do this, it drives in three drive modes.  EV: Allows the vehicle the run only on battery power for up to one mile, using no gas.  ECO: Adjusts throttle input and climate control to improve fuel-efficiency.  POWER: Helps when climbing speeds to driving fast.Not only does this Toyota give you great fuel-efficiency, it is also extremely eco-friendly. Bysaving gas, it preserves our natural resources and even goes further to help our environment byletting off only small amounts of harmful emissions.Stand out with the Toyota Prius Persona Series nearCharlotteIf you really want a hybrid car that’s going to stand out from the rest, you’ll love the N CharlotteToyota Prius Persona Series! These special-edition Toyota have an iconic look and includesome luxurious touches! You can choose from a special Black Cherry Pearl, Blizzard White ornon-metallic Black exterior. Other unique features include:  Premium finished 17 inch alloy wheels to give the exterior an upscale look  SofTex trimmed seats for a leather-like feel  Dark Chrome accents for an added touch of class  Dark red stitching for the pop of color insideIf you’re interested in owning a Toyota, visit our dealership today. You don’t want to miss ournew Toyota and used car specials. Stop by and talk to one of our knowledgeable salesspecialists. We’re located right off I-77 on exit 23. We look forward to seeing you!What’s do you think about a hybrid racecar? How do you think it’s going to hold up on the racetrack?