Hydrogen powered Toyota set for production


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Toyota has announced that it plans to have hydrogen-powered vehicles available to the public by 2015! The Toyota FCV-R is set for production! Find out more about this and our fuel-efficient new Toyota at our N Charlotte Toyota dealership!

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Hydrogen powered Toyota set for production

  1. 1. Hydrogen-powered Toyota set forproduction by 2015!Here at Toyota of N Charlotte, we have a large variety of fuel-efficient vehicles, but what if wehad vehicles powered entirely on hydrogen? This has been a long-time dream of Toyota andnow it may be coming true. Toyota has announced that it plans on selling a hydrogen-poweredvehicle to the public in 2015!Toyota races to produce hydrogen fuel-cell technologyAlthough hydrogen fuel cell technology has been around since the 1930’s, it hasn’t been inmass production because of how expensive it is. Toyota and other auto companies have beenworking on trying to get the cost of hydrogen-powered vehicles down to a price consumerscould actually afford. Now, Toyota has announced it’s trying to get production costs down toabout $50,000 by 2015 so it can make the Toyota FCV-R concept car available to the public! Ifpossible, it would be an extreme improvement from the $100,000 a hydrogen fuel cell car wouldcost today.We look forward to seeing this new Toyota near Charlotte, but Toyota isn’t the only one hopingto offer a vehicle with this technology. Many other auto companies are working to be the first torelease hydrogen fuel cell car. This is because they all know the benefits that these vehicles canhave on the environment. This technology allows for zero harmful emissions released into theair and would be able to completely replace our reliance on gasoline!Find fuel-efficient new Toyota in N Charlotte!If you can’t wait until 2015 for a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle and don’t want to spend a lot ofmoney, you can get the next best thing which is a new Toyota in N Charlotte! We have amazinghybrid vehicles that are eco-friendly and fuel-efficient. Let’s take a look at some of our hybridoptions here at Toyota of N Charlotte:
  2. 2.  Toyota Prius – This hybrid car started the hybrid car movement in the U.S. andcontinues be the most popular hybrid car here. You can get about 51 mpg city and 48mpg highway! It also now contains even more members of its family including the NCharlotte Toyota Prius v, Prius c and Prius Plug-in. With all of these different choices,you can find the right Toyota Prius for you! Toyota Camry Hybrid – This new Toyota gives you all of the style and features in thelegendary Toyota Camry, but with even more efficiency. You can get about 43 mpghighway and 39 mpg city! This is for the driver who wants a hybrid vehicle but doesn’twant to give up their favorite Toyota! Toyota Highlander Hybrid – When driving an SUV, you can end up paying a lot for gas.With this hybrid vehicle, you can save money with about 28 mpg combined. This givesyou the best of both worlds if you want a new Toyota with a lot of space! Toyota Avalon Hybrid – If you want a luxury sedan, but don’t want to spare on theefficiency, this is the car for you! The Toyota Avalon Hybrid has some great features thatgive it an upscale feel, but still can get about 40 mpg combined.Visit our N Charlotte Toyota dealership today to find out more about our new Toyota. We havesales specialist ready to give you all of the information you need. We’re located off I-77 on exit23 near Charlotte. You don’t want to go anywhere else for your new Toyota!Google