How does the 2014 Toyota Prius compare to the Honda Insight?


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Toyota of N Charlotte wants to help you find the right vehicle for you! We're comparing the 2014 Toyota Prius with the Honda Insight to help you make the right decision on your hybrid car. Find out which hybrid vehicle came out on top!

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How does the 2014 Toyota Prius compare to the Honda Insight?

  1. 1. How does the 2014 Toyota Prius compare to the Honda Insight?
  2. 2. Are you thinking about switching your vehicle to a more fuel efficient hybrid car, but don’t know what to get? We have some great new Toyota hybrids in N Charlotte, but the Toyota Prius is by far the most popular option! Of course, there are other hybrid cars out there to choose from, including the Honda Insight. Since these two hybrid vehicles are similar, they may both be on your mind. We’ve done the research to compare them and help you make an informed decision on your fuel efficient ride!
  3. 3. New Toyota hybrid in N Charlotte blows away the competition with fuel efficiency!
  4. 4. When comparing the 2014 Toyota Prius vs the Honda Insight you’ll notice a big difference! Although both of these vehicles are hybrids, not every hybrid is made the same! This new Toyota hybrid in N Charlotte offers much better fuel efficiency, as it gets an estimated 50 mpg combined. The Honda Insight only gets an estimate 42 mpg combined. If you want a hybrid that can actually save you gas, the Toyota Prius is the way to go! N Charlotte Toyota Prius has the style and technology! The Toyota Prius in N Charlotte offers much more style and some unique features. It has a distinct look on the outside you can’t miss! Its sleek hatchback design is iconic and can’t be replicated – not even by its Honda competitor! Believe it or not, this new Toyota in N Charlotte gets even better inside! You can find some amazing high-tech features you can’t find in its competitor. These available features include:
  5. 5.  Three Drive Modes: You’ll enjoy your driving experience much more in the Toyota Prius, as it offers three driving modes to choose from! Choose the EV mode to use only the electric motor, ECO mode to conserve as much energy as possible and POWER mode for an extra kick of energy when you need it! The Honda Insight only comes with the ECON drive mode, which is basically like the ECO mode we mentioned.  Head-up display: Although popular features such as steering wheel mounted controls are useful to help keep you from looking down, this new Toyota takes convenience even further with the head-up display. This technology was inspired by some of the worlds most advanced aircrafts. It projects information such as your speed and navigation right on your windshield, so you don’t ever have to take your eyes off the road!  Solar roof: Another unique feature available in this new Toyota is the solar roof! It’s never fun getting into your vehicle after it has been sitting in the blazing sun all day. The solar roof fixes this problem by capturing the sun’s energy through embedded solar panels and using it to power a fan and circulate air throughout the cabin. This can keep the interior nice and cool for your return! Visit Toyota of N Charlotte today to check out this new Toyota hybrid for yourself and see how it feels with a test drive! We’re right off I-77 on exit 23 in Huntersville. Don’t forget to ask about our specials to see how much money you can save! Google