Get an emergency roadside kit ready for your new Toyota!


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Our new Toyota dealership near Charlotte is constantly sharing safe driving tips. This time around we're sharing how you can get an emergency kit ready for your new Toyota in N Charlotte! Check out the scoop!

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Get an emergency roadside kit ready for your new Toyota!

  1. 1. Get an emergency roadside kit ready for your new Toyota!
  2. 2. Emergencies can happen at any given moment—this includes any time you’re behind the wheel of your new Toyota. Are you ready to take on any situation, whether it pertains to your ride or your fellow passengers? An emergency roadside kit will help you whenever your ride breaks down or if one of your passengers needs some assistance! Toyota of N Charlotte is letting you know what you should put in your roadside emergency kit!
  3. 3. What should you keep in your new Toyota in N Charlotte? Crises happen, whether we like it or not. Instead of complaining about emergencies, it’s just best to be proactive and build an emergency roadside kit with essentials. If your ride breaks down, you can typically call roadside assistance; however, we all know how annoying it can be to wait for help. Having the proper tools in your new Toyota in N Charlotte can help you in case of a break down:  Spare tire: A spare tire is a smart thing to keep in your N Charlotte Toyota, since a flat tire is one of the most common things that will land people on the side of the road! You’ll also need a car jack and lug wrench in order to install the spare tire. Taking this route instead of waiting for a tow truck will actually save you money.  Jumper cables: We’ve all been there—you try to turn on your new Toyota near Charlotte, but it won’t turn on. You come to the realization that your battery is dead. When you have jumper cables in your new Toyota in N Charlotte, you’ll be able to revive your car battery quickly.  Food, water, and a blanket: Not all the supplies of the emergency roadside kit in your new Toyota near Charlotte should be for your vehicle. You also need to look out for yourself, which is why you need to have food and water in your vehicle. Can you imagine being stranded with no help in sight and have a rumbling stomach? Having food, water, and a blanket on your side can help you get out of a jam!  Flashlight and batteries: Emergencies can happen at any moment, meaning you should be prepared to tackle emergencies at night. We suggest that you keep a reliable flashlight and plenty of replacement batteries, just in case you have to work on your ride and it’s dark out!
  4. 4. Stock your new Toyota near Charlotte for emergency situations Another thing you should keep your ride prepared for is a car accident. This emergency situation can definitely happen at any moment, so you should prepare your ride and yourself for when and if it happens. We suggest you keep the following in your new Toyota:  Pen and paper, to document details of the car accident  A disposable camera, to visually record the damage of the accident  Cellphone and car phone charger, so you can quickly make calls  First aid kit, to treat minor injuries Give our new Toyota dealership a visit at 13429 Statesville Road, just off I-77 at exit 23. Give us a call at 888- 883-3797 if you have any questions! Google