Get a N Charlotte Toyota that can tow!


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Not sure which new Toyota in N Charlotte meets your towing needs? We have some guidelines that might help you figure out which vehicle style is best suited to handle the cargo you'll be towing!

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Get a N Charlotte Toyota that can tow!

  1. 1. Google Get a N Charlotte Toyota that can tow!Versatility doesn’t always have to involve how many passengers you’re able to seatinside your new Toyota in N Charlotte. In fact, depending on your transportation needs,the kind of versatile options you’re looking for can focus more on how much weight yourride can handle instead of how many items can fit inside it. Take towing, for example.Clearly not all vehicles are made the same, and what a 2013 Toyota Corolla can handleis going to be different than what a truck can take on. That’s why it’s important to knowwhat you want your vehicle at our N Charlotte Toyota dealership can do. Otherwise youmight find yourself in situation where you need to call for back up!Which N Charlotte Toyota should I get?Which vehicle you should get depends on the kind of activities you want to do! Thereare a few different questions you need to ask yourself if you want a new Toyota that cantow to make sure you get the right one. 1. How much weight do I plan to tow? – Every vehicle has certain amount of set weight that it can handle. This is called the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. What’s important to know about this is that it doesn’t just include how much cargo you’re hauling behind you. It also includes the weight of the trailer, passengers, and
  2. 2. anything that’s in the trunk. Basically, it’s the maximum total weight your new Toyota in N Charlotte can handle. Not all GVWR is the same, so it’s important to do some research and have an idea of how much TOTAL weight you plan on transporting on a regular basis. 2. What do I plan on towing? – While large and durable options like the 2013 Toyota Tundra are go-to options when it comes to towing, you may not have to purchase a truck. Once again, refer to what the GVWR is, and think about what you’ll be towing, and how often you’ll need to tow it. If you only need to occasionally use a flatbed trailer to transport a small amount of cargo, chances are you could use a four-door sedan or small SUV to get the job done!What New Toyota features are important for towing?While many drivers love the thrill a speedy car ride provides, horsepower is actually notas important as torque when it comes to towing. This is because the more torque youhave, the more power you get! When you’re towing heavy object or a lot weight, youdefinitely want the necessary amount of power needed to transport these items. All thespeed in the world won’t help you if your vehicle can’t even get moving because itdoesn’t have adequate power!Want to find out which vehicle can deliver the kind of towing performance you’reinterested in achieving? Not a problem! Simply come down and see us at 13429Statesville Road in Huntersville. Our team of Product Specialists can help direct you tothe transportation options that are best-suited to your towing needs.