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Find the all-new 2013 Toyota Prius at Toyota of North Charlotte!


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The 2013 Toyota Prius is at Toyota of N Charlotte! We are happy to have this on our lot. It's a great combination of green technology, sporty style and safety. The Toyota Prius near Charlotte is an extremely family-friendly car. There is plenty of space and airbags! Test drive one today, at Toyota of North Charlotte!

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Find the all-new 2013 Toyota Prius at Toyota of North Charlotte!

  1. 1. Find the all-new 2013 Toyota Prius at Toyota of North Charlotte!Toyota of North Charlotte has the entire Toyota Prius family! Right now, the 2013 models are starting toroll onto the lot. We welcome the 2013 Toyota Prius in N Charlotte! It’s still one of the best hybrid cars onthe market. With rumors of a 2013 special edition model, we are more excited than ever! The mysteryspecial edition model hasn’t been built yet, so we don’t even have the specs to share. We are anxiouslyawaiting more details about it, but for now we have the rest of the 2013 Toyota Prius in N Charlotte! The 2013 Toyota Prius offers amazing fuel efficiency!The other 2013 Toyota Prius models are gradually making it onto the lot. But the Toyota Prius we aretalking about is the original. It’s been there from the beginning. It offers awesome cargo space and someof the best fuel efficiency you’ll find on the market. The 2013 Toyota Prius near Charlotte gets 51 mpg citydriving and 48 on the highway. You’ll have a lot less stops at a gas station!The fuel efficiency is thanks to the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive. The way this work is with a gasolineengine and an electric motor. The two different systems work together to provide the greatest fuelefficiency. The gasoline engine is used for faster accelerating and driving at higher speeds. The electricmotor will kick in at lower speeds and when you’re idling – for example at a red light. That way you onlyuse the gas when your Toyota thinks you need it. You won’t need to switch over the engines –it allhappens seamlessly without you even realizing it.
  2. 2. Technology is inside and out in the N Charlotte Toyota Prius!The technology you’ll find inside the N Charlotte Toyota Prius is just as impressive as what is under thehood. No matter which model you choose, you’ll find the Display Audio System as the standard. If youchoose a higher grade, you will have Navigation and Entune as well. This Toyota aims to be a car that’sconnected to your life. It’s possible through your smartphone with Bluetooth and through your musicplaying devices. The Toyota Prius is truly a smart car.To top it all off, only the Toyota Prius comes with Touch Tracer Display. The audio controls are highlyconvenient, but when driving they can take your eyes off the road. This Toyota has a solution for that.When you put your hands on the controls, they pop up on your instrument panel. It’s right in your line ofvision and you won’t have to stop looking straight ahead. The 2013 Toyota Prius near Charlotte hasthought of it all!Come take the 2013 Toyota Prius in N Charlotte for a test drive today! We have this great new Toyotaand others at our Toyota dealership near Charlotte. Visit us today off of I-77, in Huntersville. We lookforward to seeing you!