Find a new Toyota in N Charlotte to take off-roading


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If you want a vehicle that you can take on any adventure, visit Toyota of N Charlotte to check out our new Toyota trucks and SUVs! These vehicles are made to take on and off the road!

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Find a new Toyota in N Charlotte to take off-roading

  1. 1. Find a new Toyota in N Charlotteto take off-roading!If you love adventure and want a new Toyota near Charlotte that’s going to be ableto keep up with you, we have the perfect options for you! Here at Toyota of NCharlotte, we have a variety of trucks and SUVs that are ideal for driving on and offthe road.Toyota Tacoma in N Charlotte is built tough!If you want a new Toyota truck that’s going to deliver the performance you needwherever you drive it, you’ll love the N Charlotte Toyota Tacoma. This compacttruck is made for excitement with all of its amazing features that give it strengthand ability. These available features include: 4WDemand which allows it to go into four-wheel drive with the turn of a dialwhile still in motion. This will ensure that you can get through any terrain nomatter how tough it is! Locking rear differential which will keep you from slipping on sand, gravel,water or any other element that might cause you to lose traction. It’ll helpyou keep your footing by locking your rear wheels together in a slipperysituation. Two-speed transfer case which transfers power from the transmission to thefront axle to take on any road challenge! This allows the Toyota Tacoma toperform in tough conditions in both high and low gears. Eight-cross member frame which is built with eight heavy-duty crossmembers to give it the strength to withstand anything you throw at it. Youwon’t have to worry about this rugged frame no matter how rough the goinggets!
  2. 2. Take a new Toyota SUV off-roadingIf you want even more choice, we have a whole lineup of SUVs that are alsobuilt to perform on and off the road. These new Toyota in N Charlotte mighthave comfort and luxury inside, but once you take them off the beaten path,you’ll really see what they’re made of. Our Toyota SUVs include the N CharlotteToyota FJ Cruiser, Toyota 4Runner and Toyota Land Cruiser! Toyota FJ Cruiser: If you want the ultimate off-roading vehicle, look nofurther! The Toyota FJ Cruiser is made for you to take it anywhere youneed to go – including through water! This vehicle is specially built withan elevated air intake and protected electrical components to allow it tocross water up to 28 inches deep. You won’t be held back by any obstaclein this new Toyota! Toyota 4Runner: The N Charlotte Toyota 4Runner is made for adventurewith all of the capabilities you need like four-wheel drive, locking reardifferential and a Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System which automaticallyadjusts suspension performance for any situation you face. It even comesin the Trail trim level which includes all of the ideal features you needwhen you journey off the road. Toyota Land Cruiser: This new Toyota has everything you need to take iton a rugged adventure, but is still full of luxury inside! Its powerful V8engine, limited-slip differential and Multi-terrain Select all prove that ithas what it needs to keep you going no matter what!Why not take these unbelievable new Toyota on a test drive and see which one isbest for you? Visit Toyota of N Charlotte today to check out these off-roadingvehicles for yourself! We’re located off I-77 on exit 23.Google