Don't let the cold hurt your new Toyota in N Charlotte


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Toyota of N Charlotte has tips and tricks to help keep your vehicle running great during these cold winter months. Find out what you need to know right here!

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Don't let the cold hurt your new Toyota in N Charlotte

  1. 1. Don’t let the cold hurt your new Toyota in N Charlotte!The New Year may be here, but that doesn’t mean a new season has arrived yet! Whileyou’re busy fighting the cold weather and making sure everyone is staying warm, don’tforget to check-up on your new Toyota near Charlotte to make sure it’s getting theattention it needs too. The winter season can be a tough time period what with the sungoing down early and typically freezing temperatures. A few simple precautions can bemade to help the transition from winter into spring go a little bit easier, though, such astaking simple precautions to avoid mechanical failures in your auto. Take advantage ofour N Charlotte Toyota dealership tips so that your vehicle will keep running smooththroughout the winter and well into the warmer months ahead!Keep your new Toyota near Charlotte like newduring the winter!One of the first things autoowners should check whenthey’re doing at-home carservice in Charlotte arefluids. For example, doublecheck the status of thecoolant system in your newToyota near Charlotte. This isan important status to beaware of because if thecoolant level isn’t right and isnever addressed, it can end up causing serious engine damage and costing thousandsof dollars in repairs. However, car service doesn’t have to be costly when minor at-home checks are made to help alert drivers to potential serious problems, and our carservice specials in Charlotte also help keep repairs affordable! Other important fluidlevels to check are engine oil, brake and transmission fluid, and windshield washersolvent. If you have any questions about the best way to check to see if these fluidlevels are what they’re supposed to be, you can always speak with one of our ToyotaTechnicians!
  2. 2. Car service in Charlotte keeps everything runningsmooth!No matter how old ornew your vehicle is,one of the worst thingswhen driving duringthe winter is for you toget to your auto andnot have it turn onbecause the battery isdead. Periodicallycheck the battery tomake sure it doesn’tneed to be replaced,and don’t forget to look at the connections because those can become corroded as well.Regardless of the make and model, every vehicle needs to have these featureschecked, so don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle in for any kind of car service. Finally,don’t forget to have the exhaust system checked the next time you need car service inCharlotte. Any leaks from a vehicle’s exhaust system can require immediate repair, sopaying attention to this system is extremely beneficial for your vehicle’s health and yourbudget!The next time you need car service taken care of, don’t hesitate to come and see uswith any of your questions and concerns. Our knowledgeable Toyota Technicians canassist with any of your car service needs, so don’t hesitate to give our servicedepartment a call at (888) 378-1214!