Changes to come for N Charlotte Toyota Corolla


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Although the 2014 Toyota Corolla has not yet been revealed, Toyota of N Charlotte is predicting some major changes. See what you can expect from the new Toyota Corolla!

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Changes to come for N Charlotte Toyota Corolla

  1. 1. Changes on the way for the N Charlotte Toyota Corolla The Toyota Corolla in N Charlotte is one of the best-selling vehicles, but every vehicle gets arefreshing new design every few years. The redesign for the 2014 Toyota Corolla near Charlotte hasyet to make its debut, but with the reveal of concepts like the Toyota Corolla Furia, we’re predictingsome big changes for this amazing vehicle.What can we expect from the new Toyota Corolla near Charlotte?We don’t expect the new Toyota Corolla in N Charlotte to look exactly like the concept car, but if it isany indication of what we are in for, it will be nothing short of amazing! The Toyota Furia conceptmodel previewed a modern look with sharp new external features never before seen on the NCharlotte Toyota Corolla! These features include a prominent shoulder line, sharper creasesthroughout, integrated grill and headlights and redesigned headlights. All of these features give thisvehicle a more modified appearance with some edge that is sure to catch the attention of theyounger generation.Even though Toyota has not released official dates, the 2014 model is expected to be unveiled andup for grabs before the end of 2013. It also still has not been announced where the unveiling willoccur. Until then, let us tell you about some of the fabulous car selection already available.Here’s what’s already in the N Charlotte Toyota CorollaWe’re sure the 2014 model will be mind-blowing, but right now we already have a great selection ofnew cars we know you will love! This exceptional vehicle is has a hefty list of awards that showwhat this car is made of like the IIHS Top Safety Pick Award, IntelliChoice Best Overall Value,
  2. 2. IntelliChoice Best Overall Value and 2012 Interbrand Best Global Green Brand! If you think thoseare impressive, let us explain why this vehicle is so deserving of these awards.This vehicle has a long list of safety features that will keep your mind at ease with every turn of theignition. Some of these great features include:  Six airbags designed to keep you safe and secure in every direction  Active headrests to lower the chance of injury by adjusting forward and backward  Crumple Zones to absorb as much energy as possible and help with impact  Star Safety System with advanced technologies to help you avoid accidents from happening in the first placeThis vehicle is not only safe, but you can depend on it to provide you with all the value you deserve!It’s not only affordable with a starting MSPR of $ 16,230, but it also a reliable vehicle that will staywith you for years to come. This is proven by the fact that more than 80 percent of Toyota Corollabought in the last 20 years are still on the road today. That means this is a car you can get use out ofand can even get passed down through family throughout the years! Now that is what we call greatvalue!If this sounds like the right car for you, visit our dealership near Charlotte at 13429 Statesville Rd.and take one of our new cars for a test drive today!What are you looking forward to the most about the 2014 model? What changes are you hoping aremade to this new Toyota?