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Toyota Camry Hybrid near Orlando has low cost of ownership!


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The cost to buy a new Toyota is one thing, but the cost to own it is another. Find out how the cost of ownership can be lower for the Toyota Camry Hybrid near Orlando than the gas-only model!

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Toyota Camry Hybrid near Orlando has low cost of ownership!

  1. 1. Toyota Camry Hybrid near Orlando has lowcost of ownership!One of the best things about owning a new Toyota near Orlando is that all of our vehicles aredesigned to keep your cost of ownership to a minimum. This is especially true for the ToyotaCamry near Orlando, as it’s not only affordable to buy, but it’s also affordable to continueowning after your purchase. However, a recent study found that the cost of ownership of theToyota Camry Hybrid is even lower!Toyota of Clermont explains cost of ownershipIf you’re not familiar with what cost of ownership is, let us explain. The cost of a vehicle doesn’tjust stop once you buy the car. After your purchase, there are many other factors that come intoplay including the cost of maintenance, fuel, insurance, financing, depreciation and others!For example, an SUV like the Toyota Highlander near Orlando might have a higher cost ofownership than a compact sedan like the Toyota Corolla because it has a higher starting MSRPand uses more gas. It might even cost more for maintenance because the parts are moreexpensive. So, as you can see, factoring in the cost of ownership is extremely important whenbuying a vehicle and deciding what you can afford!
  2. 2. Why owning a Toyota Camry Hybrid is smart!The Toyota Camry is a truly legendary vehicle and you can’t go wrong when owning one! Theonly thing better than owning a Toyota Camry, is owning a Toyota Camry Hybrid. This hybridvehicle gives you everything you have grown to love in the gas-only model, but adds even moresavings. Although it may seem like buying the hybrid version is more costly because it has aslightly higher starting MSRP, you will recoup that difference and even more in the long runbecause of the incredible fuel efficiency it provides. Here are some of the other factors that giveit a low cost of of ownership: This vehicle is extremely reliable, which means you’ll save a ton of money on autorepairs! When your vehicle doesn’t break down, you won’t have to take it into the Toyotaof Clermont Service Center quite as often – only for your routine auto maintenance, ofcourse! You’ll even save on the cost of your routine auto maintenance when you buy a newToyota Camry Hybrid because every new Toyota comes with ToyotaCare! This is acomplimentary maintenance plan that covers you for up to two years or 25,000 miles,whichever comes first! It has an exceptional reputation for retaining its value, which means you won’t havemuch of a depreciation cost. This new Toyota was even awarded “Highest RetainedValue” for its class! So, when the time comes to trade it in for a newer vehicle, you’resure to get top dollar!Visit Toyota of Clermont today to check out our entire inventory and test drive one today! We’relocated at 16851 State Road 50 and open until 10 pm seven days a week for your convenience.You can also see our inventory on our website and call our Internet Sales Team at (888) 590-6090 with any questions or to set up an appointment to meet with a Sales Specialist!Google