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Toyota Avalon Hybrid near Orlando takes AutoPacific Award!


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The Toyota Avalon Hybrid near Orlando was chosen by owners for the AutoPacific Award! Find out what this award is for and what makes this new Toyota so great!

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Toyota Avalon Hybrid near Orlando takes AutoPacific Award!

  1. 1. Toyota Avalon Hybrid near Orlando takesAutoPacific Award!The 2013 Toyota Avalon Hybrid near Orlando has been receiving a ton of praise from autoexperts; however, wouldn’t you rather hear about how excellent this vehicle is from actualowners? New Toyota Avalon Hybrid owners expressed their love of this new Toyota and evenwon it year’s AutoPacific’s Vehicle Satisfaction Award in the Hybrid/EV category!This award is based on owner satisfaction, which is what makes it so special and unique. Tochoose the winners, AutoPacific surveyed more than 52,000 new vehicle owners on 51categories. These categories touched upon what influenced their purchase decision and howsatisfied they were after their purchase.Toyota Avalon Hybrid gives drivers efficiency and class!What makes owners of this new Toyota near Orlando so happy? For starters, it providesexcellent fuel efficiency! This vehicle can get about 40 combined mpg, which is a considerableupgrade from the estimated 31 combined mpg the gas-only Toyota Avalon receives. Thisefficiency is made possible by the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive System it uses, which alsohelps make this vehicle eco-friendly by reducing the amount of harmful emissions released!Although it’s important that this hybrid gets great fuel efficiency, what really makes this ToyotaHybrid near Orlando stand out from other hybrid cars is the luxury it provides. This vehiclemakes it possible for you to own a new Toyota that’s both fuel efficient and high-class! It givesyou all of the premium upgrades you can find in the gas-only model, but with added savings ongas!
  2. 2. Find world-class features inside the Toyota Avalon Hybrid near OrlandoYou’ll find amazing features inside the Toyota Avalon Hybrid near Orlando that’ll make you feellike you’re always riding in first-class. To add to its refined interior, it has amazing high-techfeatures to provide you with convenience and entertainment! These features include: Entune, which connects to your smartphone to give you access to all of the multi-mediayou want! You can use this to use your favorite apps and even search the Web usingBing while driving! Touch screen audio, which allows you to control all of your audio settings and more withthe touch of your finger. This makes it easy for you to see your settings right in front ofyou at all times. eBin Storage, which is an area specifically designed to store your electronic devices inyour center console without any worries. It even has a non-slip surface, so your phonewon’t slide around when turning. Smart Key System, which allows you to lock, unlock and start your car without evertaking your keys out of your pocket. Your key fob only has to be within a few feet of yourvehicle, which makes it convenient when your hands are full! Rain-Sensing Wipers, which senses rain and automatically turns on your window wipers.The speed of your wipers will even adjust on their own to how much rain it senses! Multi-Information Display, which provides all of the information you need right in front ofyou. This includes information such as your speed, remaining fuel, outside temperatureand more at a glance!Check out all of our new Toyota hybrids at Toyota of Clermont when we open this month! We’relocated at 16851 State Road 50. We’ll see you here!Google