Take your brand new Toyota on off-road adventures


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New Toyota near Orlando are ready for off-road adventures! See what you'll need when you take that long-awaited trip!

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Take your brand new Toyota on off-road adventures

  1. 1. Take your brand new Toyota on off-road adventures!
  2. 2. We all want a little excitement in our lives. While life is full of adventures waiting to happen, why not take the bull by the horns and set your own adventure at this moment? With some new Toyota near Orlando, you just might be able to escape for a bit and set course on uncharted terrain! Many Toyota options come with the ability to handle off-road trips such as the Toyota FJ Cruiser, Toyota Tacoma, Toyota 4Runner, and the Toyota Tundra. All of these road warriors make your off-road experience a fun and safe one, which is what you ultimately want from any off-road vehicle!
  3. 3. Choose your type of off-road event! If you frequently go on off-road adventures, you know there are different types terrain in which you are capable of using your new Toyota.  Green laning: This type of off-road event has the driver going on any kind of unpaved road, like forest trails.  Dune bashing: Take your vehicle through sand dunes.  Mudding: This messy yet fun event has you driving through mud and muddy areas. This is particularly challenging because things such as tree trunks might be obscured and cause damage to your Toyota.  Road crawling: This off-road style has you slowly driving (hence the word crawling) over rocks and rocky terrain. You want to make sure your new Toyota near Orlando is capable of handling the terrain in which you want to drive through, so you can avoid mistakes that can end up being quite costly! Take your new Toyota near Orlando on exciting off-road explorations! When you want to take to your new Toyota near Orlando through uncharted territory, you want to make sure your auto can handle all the bumps along the way. Our Toyota dealership near Orlando has tons of Toyota options that have features that allow for safe off-roading.  Make sure you have tires that have a deeper tread, as this keeps your vehicle on the road. You can also get Active Traction Control on your sturdy Toyota. This feature monitors the condition between the tires and the surface, which makes it perfect for those mudding adventures!  You definitely need 4-Wheel drive, as it provides stability as you drive over rough terrain.  When it comes to suspension, you want to make sure your new Toyota has flexible suspension, so it can handle all different kinds of terrain.  If you choose to buy a 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser, you’ll notice that you’ll get a Multi-Terrain Monitor – which means you’ll get a 360-degree of the terrain without stopping your adventure!
  4. 4.  The coolest feature? CRAWL control—which allows you to travel at a fixed low speed without pressing the brake or the accelerator. This gives you smooth ride in rough terrain! Interested in having your own off-road adventure? Come visit us at our Toyota dealership near Orlando! We’re located at 16851 State Road 50 and can be reached at 888-590-6090. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions! Google