Take care of your car with regular auto service in Leesburg


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Make sure your vehicle is getting the regular care it needs. Bring it in for auto service in Leesburg to get it checked out today!

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Take care of your car with regular auto service in Leesburg

  1. 1. Take care of your car with regular auto service in Leesburg! Regular auto service involves many different aspects. Are you up to date on what’s required to make sure your vehicle stays in tip-top shape? At our Toyota dealership near Leesburg, we want to make sure that drivers have all the tools they need in order to make sure each journey is a successful one. One way a car owner can get peace of mind before they head out on the road is by bringing their car in to make sure everything is in tip-top shape before heading out the road. Maintain your car’s fluid levels with ease! Most drivers know about certain parts of important auto service in Leesburg that need to be taken care of on a regular basis. For instance, many drivers know that they need to get the oil changed in their vehicle pretty often. Do you know why it’s important to get this fluid level checked, though, or that there other fluids in your car that also need to be maintained?  Oil: Chances are car owners know that they need to get this fluid changed in their vehicle. After all, there’s usually a handy sticker on the front windshield to serve as a reminder! Do you know why it’s important to get this fluid changed as part of
  2. 2.   regular auto service in Leesburg, though? Oil helps keep dirt and debris from reaching the engine and makes sure all the internal parts are properly lubricated so all the internal mechanisms perform properly. Coolant: Cooler weather may be arriving, but that doesn’t mean that the coolant level in your vehicle should be ignored. If you’re unsure if the proper level is there, then open up the hood to do a quick visual check. The coolant tank can normally be found near the middle of the engine. If the fluid is below the indicator mark, then you can bring your car in to our Toyota Service Center to have it re-filled and adjusted! Brake fluid: Drivers normally bring their car in for some brake service if they hear squealing or squeaks. However, you don’t have to wait for an alarming sound like that to do some at-home brake care. Brake fluid is important to check periodically because if it’s low then this could indicate a leak or other problems. Pop the hood and check the clear plastic reservoir that’s normally found right behind the engine. If it’s not at least two-thirds of the way full, then it might be time to bring your car in for some auto service in Leesburg. Take care of your car with ease at Toyota of Clermont! Want to get your vehicle checked out to make sure that everything is in proper working order? Stop by and visit us at 16851 State Road 50 to bring your vehicle in for some auto care today. You can also call ahead and an appointment by contacting our Service Department at (866) 454-1614. Remember – we’re open every day so there’s always a good time to come and visit us! Google