New Toyota hybrids are incredibly affordable!


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The Toyota Prius c and the Toyota Prius near Orlando were named some of the cheapest cars out on the market by! Find out why these new Toyota stomped the competition!

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New Toyota hybrids are incredibly affordable!

  1. 1. New Toyota hybrids are incredibly affordable!
  2. 2. When people hear the word “cheap,” they tend to think that the object is somehow defective and is a result of shoddy craftsmanship. People who think like that couldn’t be more wrong! An object that’s cheap in price DOES NOT mean that it’s cheap in quality. In fact, we have the proof that completely proves this statement. recently named two of our new Toyota hybrids as some of the cheapest cars to own! As we all know, Toyota prides itself in offering incredible cars to consumers, so it doesn’t surprise us that the Toyota Prius near Orlando and the 2014 Toyota Prius c were part of the top cheapest new hybrid cars you can buy! Find out just why these dynamic Toyota options stomped the competition!
  3. 3. New Toyota Prius c near Orlando is a dynamic choice We currently offer a few hybrid car options, and we believe that this new Toyota (the smaller version of the Toyota Prius) is one of the best cars in the whole market. It offers stellar fuel economy and it’s quite the looker, as well! Find out a little bit about this best-selling Toyota!  The Toyota Prius c near Orlando is THE cheapest hybrid on the list. It has a price tag of only $19,080, which means you won’t have to drain your whole savings account when you make this Toyota hybrid yours!  In addition to having an economical price tag, this ground-breaking Toyota gives you jaw-dropping fuel economy! Did you know this best-selling hybrid car can give you up to 53 mpg in the city and 46 mpg on the highway? You’ll also be saving a HUGE amount of money at the pump!  Like we said, just because this Toyota has a cheap price tag, it doesn’t mean that it’s also cheap in quality! You’ll be getting only but the best technology when you buy this new Toyota hybrid! A navigation system, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, and a top-of-the-line audio system called the Entune Audio system can be included in your new ride! 2014 Toyota Prius near Orlando is a class-defining vehicle The 2014 Toyota Prius has always been considered the founding father of all things hybrid. This iconic Toyota was the first hybrid car out on the market, so it led the way for other hybrid cars. This award- winning car has some truly astounding features that’ll make you want to bring it home!  This new Toyota hybrid near Orlando also gives you incredible fuel-efficiency, allowing you to get up to 51 mpg in the city! This class-leader also has an economical price tag: it kicks off at $24,200!  Innovative technology is very much present in this eco-friendly car! One of the coolest features in our opinion is the solar roof that comes with this car. The solar roof is embedded with solar panels that power on a fan that cools down the cabin when the car is parked under direct sunlight!
  4. 4.  This iconic Toyota is actually quite spacious, as well! Five passengers can comfortably fit in this car! Passengers will get 42.5 inches of leg room up front and 36 inches in the rear. Come on down to our Toyota dealership near Orlando and check out these affordable Toyota options! We’re located at 16851 State Road 50! Google