New Scion FR-S near Orlando continues to draw positive attention!


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If you love sleek style and affordable transportation, then you'll love the kind of driving experience the new Scion FR-S near Orlando has to offer you!

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New Scion FR-S near Orlando continues to draw positive attention!

  1. 1. New Scion FR-S near Orlandocontinues to draw positive attention!The 2013 Scion FR-S near Orlando is built to be an impressive sporty ride. Not only is itoffered at an incredible price (you have the choice of a manual or automatictransmission for the starting MSRP of $25,255), but it’s also designed and built to offer afantastic driving experience! At least, that’s what AUTOMOBILE Magazine reports! Itrecently named this new Scion as an All-Star, and our Clermont Toyota dealershipcouldn’t agree more! AUTOMOBILE Magazine was specifically impressed with the rear-wheel driving capability this sports car offers. However, this Scion offers more than arefined driving system for both passengers and drivers to enjoy!Pick your favorite feature of the 2013 Scion FR-Snear Orlando!There’s more than one legendary feature that this new Scion has to offer. If you’venever gotten behind the wheel of a Scion sports car before, you’ll definitely want to visitus or our sister store, Toyota of Orlando! Our sister dealership sells many new Scion inOrlando, and the Scion FR-S is just one option that’s available you. What makes thisvehicle such a fabulous transportation option? Unique engine: Did you know that the new Scion FR-S has a specialized enginethat helps the drivers experience more control? It’s called a front-mounted flat
  2. 2. boxer engine! This special engine enables this sports car to ride closer to theground, which gives the driver more control. You’ll love the fine-tuned handlingthis vehicle delivers! Specialized style: Obviously this sports car has a unique look that deliversexceptional style. Pretty soon drivers will have even more to choose from, too!Scion is releasing an all-new line of vehicles called the Scion 10 Series. Thissporty Scion and the other models will all be featured vehicles as part of theselimited-production transportation options! Superior audio system: Listening to your favorite music won’t be a problem whenyou have this vehicle to enjoy it in. Whether you’re accessing the AM/FM radio orutilizing the auxiliary audio jack, you’ll love the kind of entertainment flexibility andversatility this ride has to offer!Safety isn’t a concern in the new Scion FR-S nearOrlando!Interested in getting a sleek ride that’s also dependable? This is the sporty solution foryou! It not only comes with incredibly fashionable elements, but it also has the StarSafety System! This means that just like new Toyota near Orlando have a refined safetysystem in place to keep all occupants secure, the 2013 Scion FR-S is able to offer thissame kind of security and reassurance!The Scion family offers many different vehicles and models so that drivers are able tothoroughly enjoy the kind of transportation they’re interested in having. If you think the
  3. 3. Scion FR-S or another model might be the right fit for you, there’s no reason for you towait to find out! Just stop by our sister store at 3575 Vineland Rd to start test-driving.You can also call their Internet Sales Team at (888) 725-3520 to set up an appointment!Google