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Find out how Bluetooth in your new Toyota near Orlando works


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New Toyota near Orlando come with many high-tech features. Ever wondered how Bluetooth technology works in your new car? Toyota of Clermont has the answers right here!

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Find out how Bluetooth in your new Toyota near Orlando works

  1. 1. Find out how Bluetooth in your new Toyota near Orlando works! When you climb behind the wheel of a new Toyota near Orlando, chances are you’ll see quite a few high-tech features inside to explore and enjoy. However, have you ever wondered how some of these features work exactly? Toyota of Clermont has the answers you’re looking for right here! Many new cars that Toyota produces come with some nifty gadgets and devices already installed, but sometimes drivers are at a loss as to how these mechanisms actually work. With Bluetooth wireless technology, a lot goes on in order to give drivers the ability to stream music and take phone calls wirelessly. Bluetooth technology is found in many new Toyota With all the recent changes being made to 2014 new Toyota near Orlando, many vehicles now come with this component as a standard feature! Some new cars that come with this high-tech option already installed include the:
  2. 2.     2014 Toyota Corolla 2014 Toyota Camry 2014 Toyota Tacoma 2014 Toyota Prius All of these vehicles and more are able to provide drivers with the convenience and efficiency Bluetooth wireless technology provides. How are drivers able to use Bluetooth in their new car, though?    Bluetooth technology is not a brand new idea. It’s basically a system that uses radio technology to communicate with other technology, like computers, phones, printers and more. In order for it to work in your car, a small transmitter is installed that can send and receive wireless signals. However, in order for it to connect with your smartphone the phone must have a transmitter installed in it as well. If it does, then when Bluetooth is turned on in the car and your phone then the transmitters are able to communicate with each other! When this happens, the information that’s being sent between the two devices is able to be broadcasted through the sound system in your new Toyota near Orlando. Because of this, you never have to worry about whether or not your favorite music is playing on the radio. You can always just stream it from your phone! What are the benefits of Bluetooth technology? Bluetooth technology offers a lot of different benefits for drivers. Obviously the convenience of being able to stream music and phone call will be enjoyed, but there are some safety perks that come from using this technology, too. For instance, now whenever you need to take a phone call you can do it hands-free, which means you’re able to keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road! Basically, Bluetooth technology helps minimize distractions. Want a new Toyota near Orlando that comes with this technology? You have plenty of options to choose from at our location! Stop by and visit us at 16851 State Road 50 to take a look at the affordable and high-tech cars that are on our lot. You can also call our Internet Sales Team to ask any questions you may have at (888) 590-6090! Google