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5 Tips to improve your morning commute!


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Check out Toyota of Clermont's 5 easy ways to reduce stress and make your drive to work or school easier! Look forward to driving your new Toyota every morning!

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5 Tips to improve your morning commute!

  1. 1. A long drive can be exhausting and heavy traffic can be stressful. Don’t start a day off on the wrong foot!
  2. 2. You can be in a bad mood all day just because of a rough commute to work or school in the morning. Studies have found that those who commute more than 10 miles to work or school tend to have higher cholesterol, increased anxiety and temporary blood pressure spikes! Have a more relaxed and comfortable commute to work in your new Toyota near Orlando is necessary for your day and for your health! Better your morning commute with 5 tips from Toyota of Clermont! Instead of dreading getting in your new Toyota near Orlando every morning, enjoy the ride with these five tips from Toyota of Clermont! #1- Check traffic! Before step out the door in the morning, check out a real time traffic report! If there is heavy traffic or an accident on your regular route, plan an alternate! Plot out an alternative way to get to work or school using a different highway or back roads! It might add a couple extra miles to your drive, but will save you time (and a headache) in the long run! #2- Stay awake! A drive in the morning is miserable if you are tired and just thinking about how much you want to be back in bed. It’s also very treacherous to drive while sleepy! Dozing off while behind the wheel is dangerous for you and others on the road! To avoid this, make sure to stock up on caffeine for the drive or do some stretches when you get up. #3- Drive defensively! A great way to avoid collisions and accidents in your new Toyota on the road is to use defensive driving tips. Defensive driving involves being constantly aware, not having any distractions and following all road rules. Pay close attention to other drivers on the road and try to anticipate their next moves. Do not use a cell phone while driving, and reduce the number of passengers in your new Toyota near Orlando. Obey the speed limit, do not follow too closely and use turn indicators. Enjoy the drive in your new Toyota! #4- Control your speed! A helpful tip for those commuting long distances on long, open roads is to use the cruise control feature on your new Toyota near Orlando.
  3. 3. Cruise control is great for increasing your new Toyota’s fuel economy which means you save money! Using cruise control lessens the chance of you accidentally speeding and getting pulled over. Important to remember though, do NOT use this feature on your car if you are driving in the rain or in heavy traffic! #5- Get classical! While on your commute, listen to classical music. Classical music has been shown to relax the listener by slowing their heart rate and lowering blood pressure. Make your drive less stressful on you by listening to some Mozart, Bach or Beethoven! Find a great new Toyota near Orlando for a better commute to work! Visit Toyota of Clermont at 16851 State Road 50 or call us at (888) 590-6090!