Toyota Material Handling Europe Sustainable Solutions at CeMAT 2014


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Toyota Material Handling Europe Sustainable Solutions at CeMAT 2014

  2. 2. TOYOTA MATERIAL HANDLING EUROPE TMHE’s Sustainable Solutions at CeMAT The month of June is Environmental Month, and it’s a Toyota tradition to focus on what we do to contribute to a better environment. Sustainability is an integral part of TMHE’s customer offer. Our booth at CeMAT was designed with both efficiency and sustainability in mind: All our people were equipped with I-pads containing product information instead of the usual piles of brochures. Most importantly, sustainability was totally integrated within the products and solutions on offer at CeMAT, here are just some key examples:
  3. 3. TOYOTA MATERIAL HANDLING EUROPE MINIMISE environmental impact TMHE presented new power solutions which allow for improving energy efficiency of vehicles in use, resulting in lower carbon emissions: New Toyota diesel engines improve fuel efficiency & carbon emissions in use by up to 49% Lithium ion technology delivers 30% improved energy efficiency to applications, & zero carbon in use if electricity from renewable sources is used. Fuel cell technology provides a power source independent from fossil fuels and grid electricity, resulting in zero carbon in use when hydrogen is produced from renewable sources.
  4. 4. TOYOTA MATERIAL HANDLING EUROPE OPTIMISE business processes We have extended our Toyota Production System – TPS - way of thinking to ensure that we apply an equally clear set of values when it comes to lifetime support for our customers and their trucks, with the Toyota Service Concept. Sharing similar principles to the way we approach manufacturing, TSC has been developed over many years, and sets unique standards in the industry – meeting the needs of today and anticipating those of tomorrow.
  5. 5. TOYOTA MATERIAL HANDLING EUROPE MAXIMISE safety, quality & performance Toyota I_Site gives our clients the “who, what and when” of all impacts. • Which trucks have had the highest number of impacts? • Who needs additional training? • Which actions will result in improved safety / less waste / reduced costs ? Customers can also use this solution to monitor and keep records of safety checks on all their trucks. No surprise Toyota I_Site was awarded with IFOY intralogistics award at CeMAT!