www.toyota-forklifts.eu/designParticipants will receive more information on how to submit theirwork per email once they ha...
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Toyota Logistic Design Competition


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TMHE’s first Logistic Design Competition is now open to students and 2013 graduates.

The competition runs on a theme; ‘Tow Tractors: Industrial Machines in Need of a Makeover’. The challenge is to design a tow tractor that not only reflects Toyota’s core values of safety, productivity, durability, driveability and simplicity, but is also modern and stylish.

The competition will be judged by a jury of industry leaders and experts, and the winner will receive a prize of 4,000 EUR.

Visit the website to sign up for the competition: http://www.toyota-forklifts.eu/en/company/designcenter/Pages/design-competition.aspx

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Toyota Logistic Design Competition

  1. 1. www.toyota-forklifts.eu/designParticipants will receive more information on how to submit theirwork per email once they have registered online.Only one entry per participant/group is accepted. Eachparticipant/group can register only once.Submissions must be the applicant’s own creation, must not bein production and must not have been previously published orexhibited.For group entries, members must nominate a leader and contactperson. The group leader is responsible for sharing the prize. Thehead of department’s name and contact details are also required.EvaluationThe jury consists of experts and industry leaders. They willchoose the designs that best fulfill the criteria mentioned in the“Design brief” section.Who Can Participate?This competition is open to design college or university studentsand 2013 graduates anywhere in Europe.Though focused on industrial design, product design andtransportation design, students with a background in fashion,textile, engineering, architecture, etc. are also encouraged tosubmit their work.Only participants who belong to an accredited undergraduateprogramme at a college or university or are due to graduate in2013 are eligible for this contest.Design briefThe theme of the competition is “Tow Tractors: IndustrialMachines in Need of a Makeover”.Design students and 2013 graduates are invited to send us adesign proposal of a tow tractor intended for use at airports,production facilities and railways, accompanied by a detailedexplanation of their concept. The ideal product should reflect theToyota heritage and our core product values: Safety, Durability,Productivity, Driveability and Simplicity. Information about ourproducts and philosophy is available on our website:www.toyota-forklifts.euWe encourage participants to be inventive, original and daringin their approach. It is important to consider aesthetic valueand to take into account today’s industrial challenges (such assustainability) in their design process. Another tip is to makea clear and clean design: avoid Muda (waste) and keep thenecessary elements only.RegistrationThe deadline for registration is 14th September 2013.For registration, go online: www.toyota-forklifts.eu/designWork SubmissionThe deadline for all submissions is 15th November 2013.Participants should provide one design concept with visualsketches in PDF format.The work should be presented in A3 landscape layout andinclude detailed concept explanation in English (max 1500words). The file must not exceed 4 pages and be no larger than10 MB.Dates to keep in mind• The registration opens on 25th May 2013• The registration closes on 14th September 2013 at 23:59 CET• All entries must be submitted by 15th November 2013 at 23:59 CET at the latest. Passed this deadline, they will not be considered.• The official Awards ceremony will be held in February 2014 (the exact date will be confirmed in due time).PrizesA professional jury will select the winning entries. The prizes are distributed as follows:1st place: 4000 EUR 2nd place: 2000 EUR3 x 3rd places: 1000 EUR eachNote: All cash prize awards are paid gross/before income tax.MAD ABOUT DESIGN?Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) is inviting all European design students and 2013 graduates to enter itsfirst Toyota Logistic Design Competition and lift up tomorrow’s intralogistic standards.Your challenge is to tackle the following theme, ’Tow Tractors: Industrial Machines in Need of a Makeover’. In afast moving world, tow tractors control the flow of essential goods transportation. Heavy-duty, strong and reliable,they carry huge loads over long distances, saving time, energy and money. Prove to us that they can and should bestylish, too!Unleash your imagination and submit your idea and visual sketches of the world’s next tow tractor by 15thNovember 2013. A prize of 4,000 EUR is waiting at the finish line!LETS MOVE TOGHETER INTO THE FUTURE!