TMHE’s 25 Tips for Working Safely with Counterbalanced Forklifts


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Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) values the safety of forklift drivers. Each year many avoidable accidents occur in the workplace due to safety negligence.
Our trucks feature an innovative System of Active Stability (SAS) design, which takes automatic corrective action when required. Whilst this reduces the risk of accidents, it does not alleviate forklift operators of their safety responsibilities.

This poster offers 25 simple tips that highlight the importance of working safely with counterbalanced forklift trucks.

Find out more about our range of forklifts:

Learn about the Toyota System of Active Stability:

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TMHE’s 25 Tips for Working Safely with Counterbalanced Forklifts

  1. 1. Working safely with forklift trucks25 simple and useful tips Inspect the forklift before use. After use, always apply the handbrake, Only authorized and duly trained Only drive in areas that are designated Make sure you have a clear view while switch off forklift and remove key from persons are allowed to drive forklift for forklift traffic. driving forward or backward. ignition switch. trucks. ! ! Keep a safe distance from Always look around and brake in good When driving up and down slopes, always drive Always anticipate the Use only load supports and other loading and unloading platforms. time. Use the horn when your view is with the load on the uphill side and slightly unexpected. attachments which are obstructed. raised. Never execute a turn on a slope. designed for use with forklifts. Only handle loads that are Take special care when securing Take note of the increased risk when Never allow any passengers on a For lifting persons, only use stable and properly secured. abnormal loads. working near racks. forklift truck. accessories designed and approved for this purpose.Never switch off LPG forklift trucks in a Park forklift truck in designated area Wearing seat belts is mandatory on Always ensure that the load is stable Never stand under raised forks.confined space. Close gas tap on LPG and in a proper manner. forklifts that have open cabs and no and placed as close as possible to the tank when not in use. crash bars. load backrest. This poster is meant to illustrate the correct way of operating the machine(s) shown on the poster. Toyota Material Handling Europe has taken the utmost care in compiling this poster. Users of forklift trucks remain responsible for their own behaviour. No rights can be derived from the contents of this information. kg Do not overload the forklift truck. Never use one fork tip only; use both Always check that the driving surface Do not drive with raised forks. Always look in the direction you are Comply with the forklift truck forks and an approved can bear the machine weight. driving and brake in good time. capacity plate. pallet.Toyota forklifts: designed and manufactured with safety in mindEvery year many incidents occur due to negligence and incorrect use of forklift trucks. Toyota forklifts are designed to facilitate safe load handlingand transportation. Easy to operate forklifts help reduce the risk of accidents and physical injuries. This poster was developed to remind usershow to work safely with forklift trucks.For more information about Toyota forklifts and other products and services from Toyota Material Handling Europe,visit TOYOTA MATERIAL HANDLING EUROPE, MANAGING THE TOYOTA AND BT MATERIALS HANDLING BRANDS IN EUROPE.